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How To Help A Teen With Depression

For many parents, facing the fact that your teen has a mental health condition can be terrifying. As one of the most common mental illnesses, teen depression is experienced by millions all over the world and should not be ignored. No matter your age or background, you may experience depression, which can impact every aspect […]

Top Tips For Managing Depression

If you’ve been struggling to smile, enjoy your usual activities, feel energized, concentrate, and combat negative thoughts recently and notice the issue is getting worse, you may be suffering from depression. Some other symptoms include changes in appetite or weight and difficulty socializing.

Diabetes & Depression – Coping With The Vicious Cycle

Diabetes and depression are serious illnesses. They are not illnesses that will simply go away if ignored. Both diabetes and depression are likely to get much worse without medical intervention and treatment. According to the CDC people with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to get depression than those without diabetes. Further, only […]

How To Defeat Postpartum Depression

Adding a new member to your family is lovely, but it’s also stressful. Many questions flood your mind, and it seems like a guide would sure be helpful.  

12% Of Women Suffer From Depression During Pregnancy

Awareness of postnatal depression has grown over the last few decades and there is greater understanding and recognition of the symptoms and the consequences. Advances are by no means perfect, but mechanisms put in place for new mothers are effective and continually improving.  

How Eating Healthy Helps You Manage Depression

You’ve probably heard it before, but it cannot be stated enough, a healthy diet and a healthy body will do wonders for your mind. And keeping your mind and body is one easy way to improve your life and is even one of the tips to save money on life insurance.  

How To Live With Depression

Depression affects millions of Americans annually. They lose interest in events in their lives, feel lost and overwhelming sadness. The current virus is causing many who previously enjoyed life to question their existence and purpose. The good news is there are ways to deal with it and regain control over your life.

Depression & Addiction – 5 Important Aspects We Need To Understand

Nobody knows for sure what happens inside someone’s mind. We’ve seen far too many actors or music stars end up in suicide, even though they were the heart of the party wherever they went. Many people fighting with depression manage to be highly functional, acting as if nothing is wrong with them whatsoever. Many of […]

Understanding The Different Treatment Options For Depression

The severity and type of depression dictate the treatment option available for patients. A patient diagnosed with mild depression can wait for symptoms to subside. If the symptoms persist, the patient can exercise or join a self-help group to assist in managing depression. Patients with moderate depression can join a talking therapy such as counseling […]

How To Deal With Stress And Depression During A Divorce

People who have had the sad misfortune of experiencing a divorce will tell you for a fact that the entire process is not a pleasant one. In fact, the experience tends to leave an indelible scar on the lives of people that can take years to heal. Going through a divorce or separation is quite […]