Activate Your Fat Burning Furnace

After running a health website for almost 20 years, I get it.   Too many options, too much confusion, do this, not that, this food or that exercise makes you age faster.    I decided enough was enough.   We all have a Fat Burning Furnace inside, just for most of us our furnace is so low, it won’t keep rolls warm.    Here is group of average young women from 60 to 70 years ago.   Even though they are in winter coats, you can tell they are all probably within the proper BMI range, definitely nobody in this group is obese.

Today in the age of chemical food, fast food and mega portions.   You would be hard pressed to find 9 average women that would fit in the same frame.   So why is it so hard?   Mainly, nobody wants it to be easy. Your doctor gets paid more if you end up with a heart condition or diabetes, same with the pharmaceutical companies.   Plus size clothes are more expensive and more profit for the manufacturers.   The food industry wants you to buy more of their chemically addicting treats and even the fitness centers want you to have extra weight to work off every year.

So how do you heat up that fat burning furnace?   That answer is both simple and complicated, you just put better fuel in your body.   When you go to the gas station, which fuel do you put in your car?   Do you just get “regular” or do you pay a little extra and get the “premium” level?    We have two cars, our daily driver that makes all our regular trips rain or shine, and our sports car that only gets out occasionally when the weather is just right.   The sports car gets “premium” gas, while the daily driver just gets “regular”.   I don’t know why, I could put premium in both, I could even put regular in both, but what is the point of a sports car if you aren’t going to maximize its power? Your body is the same way.   For years you have probably just been filling up with soda, fast or convenient food, junk food with calories and no nutritional value.   Isn’t it time you really made a change and started putting premium food in your body?   I put together this image to show you steps you are on with your nutrition.   I’m sure a lot of you are at the bottom of the pyramid, frustrated, overweight and out of shape.

Most people want to exercise more to solve the problem, and while exercise is good, what it usually leads to is eating more, eating more bad stuff, even the healthy supplements today have soy, gluten and other crappy ingredients.   What you really need to do is change the food, the fuel I was talking about earlier.   Start eating like those girls in the picture above, less animal protein, more plant protein, more natural and organic foods.   I know, it sounds simple, but it isn’t is it?   What veggies are good? What fruits don’t have too much sugar? What about carbs?   See, simple, but complicated.

Here is the solution, and how we recommend you Activate to Awesome

Go from Body Bad to Body Fab in a few easy steps.   If you are here at HealthStatus you have probably already crossed off a couple our steps here, with an honest self evaluation, and learning about your healthy ranges for BMI and Body Fat.    Now it is up to you to commit to the change.   Are you going to take the steps to put good “premium” fuel in you your body?    The 10 Day Transformation comes complete with all the food you need to reset your metabolism and get your system used to the idea of healthy, organic superfood.   Yes, I called it superfood because you won’t believe how good you feel and how much energy you have.   In your 10 Days you don’t need to exercise, just do your regular routine and you are going to lose at least 5 pounds and many people lose as much as 20 pounds (I lost 18 during my transformation),   You are losing fat and inches, this not water weight that is going to rebound on day 11, part of the plan is to hydrate regularly so your cells can process this nutrient dense food properly.   The system is simple, a schedule of what to eat, when to eat is all laid out for you and everything including the shaker bottle for your nutritional shakes is included.   Everything is included, no special trips to the store, no hard to find ingredients and remember no extra exercise during your 10 days.   Just maintain your normal activity levels.   The food is quick and easy to prepare, no long drawn out boiling, baking or dehydrating, just mix and go.   The food is all stored at room temperature, no freezer full of tiny portions like some of the services want you to buy.

After your 10 days I encourage you to keep putting premium fuel in your body.   Add the maintenance program and start eating smart flex foods that are laid out within the plan.   Again, nothing special to track down, we spell out just what you need, which veggies, which fruits, what meats.   The only way it could be easier is if we continued to supply you with all your food and that is an option!

As your furnace continues to get hotter, excess weight is going to melt off your body.   People are going to comment, friends and family are going to notice the changes you are making.   Your main problem will be all your clothes are too big.   The other benefits include having amazing sleep, removing the chemicals and stimulants from your body gives you good restful sleep.   Your energy levels when you are awake are awesome.    After a couple of months you will find extra ways to recover from workouts with our pure, organic, vegan friendly foods.   This is not one and done, this is a change in the way you eat and   results in a “premium” lifestyle.

People often say they have tried something like this before and it didn’t work.   First, I doubt it, there hasn’t been anything like this before and if you follow the system you can’t help but increase your fat burning furnace and losing weight.   But even if you don’t follow through on your commitment to change, you have a 60 day money back guarantee.   The absolute best in the business.   I mean think about that, we are ready to put consumable food in your hand and guarantee the results.   That is how sure we are this is going to work for you.

Are you ready to commit?

Then get started right now with the 40 day program, the 10 Day Transformation where you will lose between 5 and 20 pounds and a month of the maintenance program to keep you on track and not let you get back into the bad habits that got you where you are today.    Start now and here is a code to get you $50.00 your first order: healthstatus

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