Abigail Epps-Kluttz

Abigail is from Kansas City, Kansas.She began her journey in the Health industry as a personal trainer/ nutritionist.She became a group instructor for Kansas State University and was the strength and conditioning coach for Manhattan Christian College women's basketball Team. During that time she began the hobby of competing and then on to coaching women to stage and keyed in on her passion for research and writing.She quickly became a featured model/ writer for many magazines, newspapers and websites.After a few years, she hung up her heels and created her company Absrenewal.She wanted to stay home with her daughter and began coaching hundreds of people from all demographics across the nation through her Absrenewal lifestyle System programs.She is an innovator in the health industry with a fierce passion to help people and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.She is a public speaker on lifestyle and the benefits of a higher fat and lower carb paradigm. This past year she teamed with a company called Pruvit and helped launch the first exogenous ketones to the public. She is also the owner of a seasonal Online Tea Company called Castle and Fables.
Abigail Epps-Klutzz

Introducing Abigail Epps-Klutzz and Ketone Fit

My name is Abigail Epps Kluttz . I love feeling good, looking good, and inspiring others to do the same.   I’m an extremely passionate person who loves to work hard. I always have to be in a situation where I’m building, developing, inspiring or creating ways for others to adopt a healthy lifestyle that […]

Body Inflammation

Body Inflammation

Inflammation often gets a bad wrap in the fitness world.   Mainly because it is seen as the enemy because it is so closely associated with injuries and chronic pain.   Not only that, inflammation can be traced back to just about every major health problem we have in medicine today.