David Block

CEO at Previnex
David’s passion for optimal health, wellness, and prevention started as a research analyst covering the industry. David specialized in nutritional supplements, pouring over clinical studies, touring manufacturing facilities, and immersing himself in the supplement and wellness industry on all levels. He developed a passion for the industry and educating people, and became driven to start Previnex. Previnex is a prevention-based health and wellness company committed to using science, clinically-tested ingredients and going above and beyond the testing and production standards required to bring to life nutritional supplements products of unparalleled quality, safety, and effectiveness.
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Why You Need A Multi Vitamin When on a Commercial Weight Loss Program

There are more commercial weight loss programs available then ever before. While many of them lead to excellent success stories, some are falling short. One of the biggest shortcomings of some of these plans is their lack of diversity when it comes to vitamins and minerals (micronutrients). While you might be losing the unwanted weight, […]

EPA & DHA Explained & Why You Need Them

The moment you begin paying attention to what you eat you will quickly find that trying to adhere to dietary guidelines can be an anxiety inducing experience. How do you know what you need and how much? Here we will look at two important omega’s and what they mean to your overall health goals.

Gut Health: The Truth About Probiotics

Did you know that almost one pound of your body weight is made up of bacteria cells? In fact, your gut is filled with over one trillion of these microscopic bugs right now. Some are the friendly, “good” bacteria, while others are the harmful and disease-causing bacteria. For most people, the balance of good versus […]

Why Nutritional Supplements Are Critical For The Weekend Warrior

Whether you’re an athlete who is working out 24/7 to reach the top of your game, or you’re a weekend warrior trying to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is a drive and determination to be successful. Athletes put in tremendous amounts of time on the court, track, field, gym, or in […]

Whey Vs. Soy Vs. Vegan Protein: Which Is Best?

We all know that “we are what we eat” (and drink). Anyone trying to maintain their health knows to pay close attention to what they put in their body. For many athletes this begins with a morning smoothie or an after workout protein drink. With so many options for protein powders and supplements, how do […]

Vitamin D Deficiency – Why You’re Not Getting Enough From the Sun

In the heart of Winter, it’s easy to start day dreaming about spring and summer, and feeling the warmth of the sun once again. If you’ve found yourself getting lost in thought about about basking in the sun and increasing your outdoor activities, Vitamin D might be just what you’re craving.

8 Ways to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness

Stress is an unfortunate part of all of our lives, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. When work stress, dealing with the people in your life, managing your family and a million other small irritations come at you unexpectedly, sometimes it can be too much. Stress is a change in the environment […]

5 Easy Ways to Hack a Protein Powder Label

Protein powders are everywhere!   From the supplement store to the convenience store, in bags, canisters, and even pre-made shakes. There is no shortage of protein powder options available, and figuring out the best protein option can be flat out overwhelming.   Marketing dominates the protein powder industry, and just because the packaging looks fancy […]

3 Reasons Your Supplement Needs to be Pharmaceutical Grade

Have you ever found yourself standing in the aisle at a national chain pharmacy, big box store, or vitamin store trying to decide which supplement is right for you? Has your doctor told you to start taking fish oil and you find yourself at a big box wholesaler looking for somebody to get informed and […]