Rob Schroeder

Dr. Rob Schroeder is President and CEO of Innate Sleep Orthopedic Sleep Systems and designed the premier orthopedic mattress in the industry with sales primarily in health professional office settings. This mattress has been chosen by PGA Tour professionals, athletes and top physicians as their choice in sleep systems.

He is also CEO of Indy Health and Fitness, a multi-service sports performance and rehabilitation center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In addition, he continues to maintain a thriving Chiropractic practice with a patient list of some of the most recognizable names in professional athletics and motor sports. Indy Health and Fitness Center is a destination for motor sports performance and fitness and serves as a staple for athletic development at all levels.

Educational background is a bachelor in Kinesiology,Masters level work in exercise physiology and Chiropractic Doctorate from Palmer-West.

He is a sought after speaker in the seminar circuits and has several published trade related articles in the topics of sleep health and exercise physiology. He also serves on many advisory and executive boards for his knowledge and experience in health care and sports performance.

Spring vs Foam Mattress-Which is Better

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Sleep Habits and Weight Loss

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The Importance of Sleep on Your System

Which discipline in health care has taken the front row approach to sleep wellness and the importance it has to the patient’s overall health?   I would suggest that no specific doctor (other than the sleep specialist that prescribes Ambien and C-Pap machines) has made this a key factor in health care.   Even worse […]

The Ergonomics of Sleep – Finding the Right Position

Choosing the best mattress and pillow combination is essential when searching for the perfect sleep equation, but the position in which you put yourself in may be just as important.   Putting your body into the correct anatomical position will allow the mattress to perform to the best of its design (hopefully offering both comfort […]