Nicole Scheidl

As one of the founders and creative minds behind Fit Minds Inc., Nicole has been creating cognitive stimulation therapy programming since 2010. An experienced curriculum developer, teacher and coach, she brings a wealth of experience to creating and teaching the Fit Minds Program.

Nicole has trained hundreds of professional and family caregivers who have touched the lives of thousands of individuals living with a cognitive impairment. Nicole also holds a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Master’s in Law from Queen’s University specializing in Negotiations and is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.

What To Do When Mom or Dad Lose Things

You may find that your mom or dad is misplacing items more frequently. They could also be deliberately hiding things and then forgetting where they put them. This can lead to frustration for both you and them.

Driving and Dementia

One of the big changes for individuals as they age is the question of continuing to drive. When is the right time to stop? Not being able to drive is a big change in an individual’s life, particularly when you know the change is going to be permanent. Giving up your driver’s license might be […]

Choosing Clothing for Your Mom or Dad

Do you remember learning to tie your shoes? I remember having a big shoe in our kindergarten class that we practiced on. I felt so grown-up when I could tie my own shoes.

Keep them Engaged and Interested In Their World

Moving into assisted living can be difficult for your mom or dad. Their surroundings are changing as are the people they see on a regular basis. In the end this can be a very positive experience, but the transition can be tough.

Eight Tips For When Mom or Dad Has an Extreme Reaction

When your mom or dad has a catastrophic reaction to events or becomes uncharacteristically upset or excited, it can be unnerving. You are not sure what to do or how to handle this new behaviour.

Six Tips for Caregivers in Living Well Every Day

Recently I received a phone call from a friend. Her Dad had just been diagnosed with dementia and she wanted to help her mom and dad cope. I wrote her six tips that I thought would really help all of them make daily living a shared positive experience. And now I’m sharing them with you.

When Major Decisions Need to Be Made

One of the most difficult parts of dementia is losing the ability to make decisions. Not only is there confusion but often, decision-making opportunities are taken away from the individual when they receive a dementia diagnosis. Loss of decision-making impacts self-esteem and self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence can lead to withdrawal and a downward spiral […]

When Mom or Dad Hoards

I know a woman who collected things — her entire basement was filled with things. Ceiling to floor with a small pathway through was the only way to navigate her basement. The front porch was full of newspapers. Ceiling to floor with no place to sit. This caused a lot of angst for her family, […]

Connecting When They Have Dementia

Are you concerned about connecting with someone who has dementia? It could be a family member or friend. Or you might want to volunteer with seniors, but you are not sure how to handle being with someone with dementia. Well this post is for you.

8 Reasons Why Mom or Dad Pace or Walk Constantly

Some individuals with dementia are inclined to pace or walk constantly. There seems to be a certain restlessness to this behavior. Determining the underlying causes and creating a framework for the walking can turn a negative behavior into a positive one. If you observe restless walking or pacing behavior, start keeping track of when it […]