Nicole Scheidl

As one of the founders and creative minds behind Fit Minds Inc., Nicole has been creating cognitive stimulation therapy programming since 2010. An experienced curriculum developer, teacher and coach, she brings a wealth of experience to creating and teaching the Fit Minds Program.

Nicole has trained hundreds of professional and family caregivers who have touched the lives of thousands of individuals living with a cognitive impairment. Nicole also holds a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Master’s in Law from Queen’s University specializing in Negotiations and is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.

Grief and Dementia

When someone you love dies there can be overwhelming feelings of grief. This grief can be complicated if the one you love suffered from dementia prior to their death. You may even feel that you started or are starting the grieving process before death takes place. This is normal.

The Burdens and the Joys of Caregiving

Being a caregiver is both a physical and an emotional journey. This journey is all-encompassing and it takes its toll. There are emotional, physical and financial strains that call on us at the deepest levels. These challenges can hit us intellectually, socially, financially and spiritually. Simply put: caregiving can be overwhelming.

Dementia and Friendship

Can we still be friends? Maybe you have a friend that has been diagnosed with dementia and that thought is running through your head. You may feel uncomfortable or unsure of how to proceed, but your friendship can still be meaningful. You can still enjoy your friendship, even as it changes through the progress of […]

Meditation, Prayer, and Dementia

Meditation and prayer have a positive impact on the brain and the body. This growing area of research now has a name. It is called neurotheology. One of the leaders in the development of this field is Dr. Andrew Newberg. Dr. Newberg is the director of research and a professor at the Myrna Brind Center […]

Dementia and Dehydration

My friend recently returned from a family vacation to find her mom in bad shape. She was confused and looking unwell and my friend was alarmed. Her mother was in a very nice assisted living facility. She had support in her care but she had deteriorated over the ten days that my friend was away. […]

Music Can Make A Difference

What is Music Therapy? Music therapy has been widely used as a treatment option to support healing. Music therapy can range from active approaches like playing a musical instrument and singing to receptive approaches which focus on listening to music.

Chronic Stress Can Kill You

Caregiving can be incredibly stressful. In fact, seventy percent of caregivers over the age of seventy die before the individual they are caring for. Recent research has found that chronic stress is a major culprit in heart attacks and stroke. It is easy to draw a line between caregiving, chronic stress, and a bad health […]

Dealing With Your Siblings

It is a normal part of family life that parents require more help from their children. As your parents grow older and experience health crises, it is common to look to your siblings for help. Most of us expect that having siblings to share the caregiver load will make things easier. It can come as […]

Four Stages of Caregiving

Defining the Caregiving Journey There are different ways of defining the caregiving journey. One of the simplest ways to break it down is by the amount of time required for caregiving. I find it easiest to break it down into four stages.

Dementia and Emotional Memory

Dementia changes relationships, it doesn’t end them. An individual with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia still has the capacity to form and enjoy relationships. They are still capable of giving and receiving love, of engaging in meaningful activities, and of interacting with others. One of the sticking factors is their ability to self-motivate. […]