Don Nava

Fitness/Kingdom Life Coach at Totally Fit Life
Don Nava is a Kingdom Life Coach. A Kingdom Coach helps individuals integrate the principles of the Kingdom of God into their personal, private and public life. Kingdom Coaching is teaching, mentoring and discipling a person to have a kingdom mindset so that they can live the More Abundant Life that Jesus promised in John 10:10.

Don Nava has served as a coach for the past 35 years. He started his coaching career in Silicon Valley, coaching executives at Cisco Systems, Silicon Graphics, ATT, NIKE and many venture capitalists. After years of research, study and observation, Coach Nava determined that there are several underlying mental, emotional, directional and spiritual issues that are keeping people from being physically fit. As a result, he designed and developed the Totally Fit Life System which has been a catalyst of transformation for thousands of men, women and children.

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Totally Fit Life Spark Plug – Eat Healthy Calories and Following Jesus

Hey Champion, When there are not enough calories coming in, the body saves energy by reducing body temperature, slowing the metabolism, turning down digestive juices (making digestion weaker), reducing the pulse, and slowing thyroid function, resulting in less energy.

Totally Fit Life Spark Plug – Fiber and Freedom

Cruciferous vegetables are a group of vegetables that are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and folate. Some of the vegetables in this class are also good sources of calcium, beta-carotene, and vitamin B6.

Totally Fit Spark Plug – Sodium and Hearing God’s Voice

Hey Champion, Every cell in the human body is dependent on sodium for survival. It serves many functions in the body, including helping to carry nutrients into the cells.

Totally Fit Spark Plug – A Healthy Colon and Dying in Self

Hey Champion, The colon, or large intestine, is the final stop in food’s journey through the digestive tract. The colon absorbs fluid from indigestible food residue and produces solid waste for elimination.

Totally Fit Spark Plug – HGH and Intentionality

Hey Champion, Intermittent fasting for periods ranging from 12-24 hours along with high intensity exercise has a positive effect on boosting human growth hormone, HGH.

Totally Fit Spark Plug – Good Soil and the 30, 60 and 100-Fold Return

Hey Champion, Organic food refers to food items that are produced, manufactured and handled using organic means defined by certifying bodies such as the Department of Agriculture (USDA) under its Organic Food Products Act.

Totally Fit Spark Plug – Clarify to See

Hey Champion, An enemy in the battle against body fat could be the hormone leptin. Leptin is a hormone that signals to us that we’re full.

Distilled Water Your Health and the Totally Fit Life

Distilled water is one of the world’s best and purest waters! It is excellent for detoxification and fasting programs and for helping clean out all the cells, organs, and fluids of the body because it can help carry away so many harmful substances! Water from chemically-treated public water systems, and even from many wells and […]

Totally Fit Spark Plug – Being Knocked Off Your Horse

Hey Champion, Organic foods provide a variety of benefits. Some studies show that organic foods have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Totally Fit Spark Plug – Your Stride and Growing in God

Hey Champion, The average person has a stride that is 2.5 feet long. Using this stride length, there are roughly 1,500 steps in the average person’s mile.