New Life Ministries

New Life Ministries, founded by Stephen Arterburn, is a nationally recognized, faith-based, broadcasting and counseling ministry offering hope and healing since 1988.Our radio show, New Life Live!, is #1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling radio talk show heard and watched by over 2 million people each week on nearly 200 radio stations nationwide, on XM and Sirius radio and on NRBTV.Our newest launch is, an internet-based television channel offering over 1,000 teaching segments by highly respected psychologists and therapists on topics relevant to navigating the challenges and struggles we all face in life.

The Gift of Anger

“Meditate within your heart on your bed and be still.” This is where the belief system is considered. Look within, either quietly or within the context of a safe relationship – or maybe through writing in a journal – at what you are telling yourself about the things that happen to you and provoke you […]

The Challenge and Importance of Disclosure – Part 2

A State of Stuckness: Part 2

As we all know (and have experienced), God works in mysterious ways. He may not have parted the mud for me when I asked him to, but he did put me in a position (dark, quiet, stuck) where I could ponder my situation. Here’s what I came up with: How to get unstuck and stay […]

The Challenge and Importance of Disclosure – Part 1

Once you are ready and willing to disclose to your wife, how do you do it? Here are some things to consider. Prepare yourself by doing an inventory of your past sexual behaviors. You can’t be totally honest with your wife if you’re not being honest with yourself. Check your motive. First of all, it […]

A State of Stuckness: Part 1

This seemed like kind of familiar territory for me (as a therapist, I have a full time job just analyzing myself.) I realized that what I had done to my truck was pretty much what I had done during my life with food, alcohol, relationships, and a number of other things. Here’s a summary: How […]

Lost In The Wake Of Lust

Let me suggest an action item if you are tracking with these thoughts. If you’re ready, this exercise will shift your sobriety into a higher gear of recovery. List the names of the people you hurt with your behaviors and words. Think of how you hurt each one. Reflect on how each person must have […]

David Goes To Anger Management

This was not the first time he had been rejected by a father figure. When David was a young man, he was not even invited to the sacrifice and consecration by Samuel — an event that David’s father and brothers attended. It was not until Samuel asked for David that he was summoned and anointed […]