Life can get in the way and throw you off track from time to time. This is the quick reset you need to get out of the bad habits that weigh you down. With our 14-day reset, you’ll be embracing habits that give you energy, motivation and excitement to jumpstart your journey to health.

It’s time to hit the reset button.

Here’s the reality…Committing can be hard.

Diets, detoxes, and resets aren’t always practical and can be exhausting. You might have tried them before, made it through a couple of days and given up because you felt terrible, hungry or questioning what’s really the point.

  • Are you tired of working hard and never seeing progress?
  • Are you over counting calories and restricting food?
  • Are you done with trying weight loss programs that aren’t sustainable or nourishing?

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be!

Day One: Think Big, Start Small

Woman holding broccoli

Motivation is running high, so it is important to use this energy positively to change the course of your health. Today’s video and homework, helps you understand keystone habits and how to make change permanent. Five questions will get your brain thinking about your current behaviors that impact change.
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Day Two: Don’t Stop Old Habits Start New Ones

Day two can be a mixed bag of feelings. There can be crankiness from getting off all the sugar, or a surge of energy from fueling your body with whole food goodness. Regardless, keep your focus and know it only gets better. Today’s video and homework help you understand the “3” step habit loop and how to identify triggers that keep you stuck.
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Day Three: The Power of One Healthy Habit

Stay strong, your body is getting the bad out and filling up with the good, so add extra healthy fats if you need, drink the spa water, and do a meditation to set your mind right. This too shall pass. Today’s video and homework give you 9 reasons why starting a daily green protein smoothie habit will help you achieve your weight loss goal.
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Day Four: Taking Control of Your Thought Life

You are close to feeling fabulous every day, hopefully you have had some good moments. Stay the course, it will be worth it! Today’s video and homework is about controlling your thoughts, because essentially, they control your behaviors. Practicing meditation will allow you to make mindful decisions. Commonly when life hits, decision making reverts to bad behaviors if you don’t intentionally stop and identify the unconscious cues which drives the old behaviors. Making meditation a daily behavior will allow you to be more mindful in your decisions and help melt stress away.
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Day Five: Improve Your Whole Body

A fabulous you is starting to emerge, stick around so you can see how good you can really feel. Today’s video and homework is about something so simple, inexpensive yet so powerful in its delivery of improving your whole body. Learn about the 12 incredible health benefits of using Epsom salts. The art of self-care, allows you to become the CEO of your own body because you are the only one living in it and the only one who truly knows what you are feeling. Using Epsom salt baths or soaks is a powerful way to treat minor symptoms without a pill. You won’t be disappointed.
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Day Six: Listen to Your Cravings

What is BMI

Resetting your body can take you through a roller coaster of emotions and symptoms so learning to fuel your body correctly can make all the difference. Today’s video and homework addresses snacking, cravings and listening to your body. We are each made differently and it is important for you to identify foods that fuel your body. Answering 4 main questions will take the focus off will power, and calories and highlight the importance of the quality of food you put in your body. Food is information.

Day Seven: The Power of Crunch

Healthy snacks

You are half-way done with the reset, you’ve got this! Today’s video and homework taps into the power of crunch. Those crispety, crunchety foods that call your name are manufactured with the habit loop in mind to keep you addicted. You will learn how to use the Golden rule of habit change to fulfill your desire for crunch without communicating to store fat. There are 30 crunchy snack ideas that communicate to your body to burn fat.

Day Eight: Guard Your Thought Life

You are doing it! Feeling how good your body functions with whole real food, makes it easier to change permanently. We all realize change doesn’t happen overnight or in 14 days, but if you have the tools to continue working on this process you will get there. Today’s video and homework is all about guarding your thoughts. We walk you through how use a thought record so you understand why you have the behaviors you do, while helping you change to healthier habits.

Day Nine: Change is Intentional

This reset helps you restore your body to all its former glory, but it’s not without effort. Hope is not a strategy, change must be intentional, so making yourself accountable by keeping a food log helps to identify the unconscious thoughts and emotions prompting you’re eating habits. Food diaries aren’t forever, just long enough to figure out your eating habits. Today’s video and homework will give you tips for keeping a journal that gets to the root of your eating patterns that hold you back.
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Day Ten: Invest In Yourself

We are in the last week of the reset so lace up your running shoes, you are about to finish with a big win! You are your most precious asset NO ONE can be you, so let’s act like it! Today’s video and homework is all about investing in yourself and believing in YOU. Taking a deeper dive into who you are and what you are about is part of the process in making change permanent. Don’t neglect this, you deserve seeing how special you really are.

Day Eleven: Outside In Living

Life can be kind of messy, and losing weight won’t magically make life easier or make you happy, but living a life from the outside in will leave you feeling empty and lonely no matter what the number on the scale says. Today’s video and homework help you see that obesity is more than what you eat.

Day Twelve: Living From the Inside Out

Fit woman looking happy in winter

You are almost done, keep it up and finish strong! Today’s video and homework, teaches you how permanent weight loss is about living from the inside out. Fueling your body with whole food goodness gives you the energy & motivation to change. Keep pushing through even after the reset ends on making changes in your diet and lifestyle to make change permanent.

Day Thirteen: First Why, Then How

Tomorrow is the final day, make today fantastic! Today’s video and homework is helping you develop a habit replacement plan. This is a necessary step to implementing the Golden rule of habit change. Taking the effort to write down why you eat foods that you know are bad for you and the rewards they provide will bring you closer to achieving permanent weight loss.

Day Fourteen: The Power of Sleep

Girl sleeping in bed

Congratulations! You did it! Today is your final day of videos and homework. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to long-term weight loss success. Lack of sleep messes with hormones, which to packing on the pounds. Finish the day strong and feel empowered knowing that you are enough!

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