Welcome to the book of INSOMNIAC: The Ultimate Sleep Therapy. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to handle all the areas of Insomnia from the causes to the steps on how to cure it. All the information in this book will help you to overcome the process of Insomnia.

All the nights of staying awake and all the days of constantly feeling exhausted will fade away.  After reading this book, you will know not only about where Insomnia comes from, but you will also know how to cure it. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy this book and benefit immensely from it!


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Lesson 1: The Science Behind Insomnia

Have you ever suffered from insomnia? In other words, do you face the difficulty of falling asleep and staying asleep at night? So what causes it?

Often times, insomnia is caused by multiple reasons, such as not getting enough rest, hunger, psychological trauma and so on. No matter what the reason is, millions of human beings suffer from the devil called insomnia. It robs you from getting enough rest, saps your energy and destroys your productivity the next day. Not to mention the detrimental effect towards your own physical and mental health. Read more.

Lesson 2: The Brain of an Insomniac

Researchers all around the world are putting their minds together to figure out how the brain of an insomniac works. They continue to look towards the features of all the brainwaves and how the thoughts interact during the day and night. Read more.

Lesson 3: Sleepstarved – The Devil

In the last chapter, the mind was explored to understand how insomnia directly affects the brain. Having this disorder for any amount of time will cause a massive negative impact on the mind. Besides memory loss, insomnia also results in tiredness, carelessness, and lack of alertness the next day. The mind and body both need rest in order to function well the next day. If there is no rest, then the gray matter, memory, and elaborate duties of the mind will crumble, and insomniacs will have a difficult time getting through the day. Their mind will wander, and they will struggle to stay focused throughout the day. Read more.

Lesson 4: The Cure: Natural and Artificial Remedy

Sleep is incredibly important for health. We need sleep for our body to heal and rejuvenate from our day’s activities. Unfortunately, many people either have difficulty falling asleep or simply don’t get enough sleep, which is where Insomnia remedies come in.

There are two basic categories when it comes to Insomnia Remedies. Read more.

Lesson 5: Lifestyle Modification for Insomniac

In the previous chapter, we talked about the two fundamental categories of remedies to overcome insomnia. However, these extrinsic factors could not deal with the root of insomnia. Yes, you can feel better after trying out those remedies, but insomnia can only be healed completely if the origin of the problem is removed. Otherwise, there is a high chance for insomnia to relapse.

So what is the root of insomnia? For many, the primary cause of insomnia is having a poor lifestyle and sleep habits. Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to the quality of your sleep. Read more.

Lesson 6: Switching Off

Battling Insomnia

Fighting insomnia is an uphill battle. When you are trying to cure insomnia, you are actually trying to stop your mind from being too active at night. There is no reason to be afraid of staying up for countless nights in a row and wondering if it is all going to end.

Worrying will only bring about sleepless nights. So stop battling insomnia in your head! All that you need to do is ‘Switch Off’ your monkey brain. Read more.

Lesson 7: Conclusion

I hope this book can serve and guide you in stopping or preventing insomnia. You’re free to try any tips and strategies listed in this book to ensure a restful sleep. After all, restful sleep is the foundation for your mental and physical well-being. Whether it’s artificial or natural remedy, lifestyle changes, or setting up a routine, all these contribute to preventing insomnia.

So what to do next? It’s time to take action today! Read more.

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