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Dr. Stephen D. Curtis, PhD, HSPP Dr. Steve Curtis is a neuroscience-trained Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Behavioral Medicine and Sports and Performance Psychology. He practices in Bloomington and Carmel Indiana and has a 25-year history working with clinical patients, athletes, musicians, and companies. During this time he has taught classes on Performance Psychology for musicians, athletes and wellness clients, courses that include original brain function and psychodynamic theories of resistance to change, as well as proven methods for creating new habits and high performance. “We all live day-to-day with self improvement goals and aspirations for creating higher levels of success in our lives. Our brains can create these goals, but our brains are also designed to keep us safe by repeating old behaviors and resisting even positive change, My specialty is helping my clients develop the mental and emotional strength required to break through their resistance and create improved health and life quality. I am proud of the effectiveness of this program and look forward to having every client master personal change - and get to their most important health and life goals!”