This course has been taught and refined since 1992 when it was first offered to musicians, athletes and students at Indiana University. Since then thousands of students (Junior High through Graduate School) and businesspersons, nationally and internationally have benefited from this material. Because of the overwhelmingly positive responses, this classroom training has now been turned into this online course.

Students who have taken this course have rated it very highly (3.88 out of 4), some saying it was “the most important class I have ever taken” and “a course that all students should have to take”.  Many feel that the course has been instrumental in helping them “move to the next level” as students and in their personal lives.

Lesson 1: Life Goals, Skill Building, and New Behaviors

This class will encourage you to take action on your fitness and health so that you can be more effective at reaching your largest life goals.

Lesson 2: Resistance to Change: Factor 1

In Lesson 2 we will discuss the first of 3 factors that cause us to resist change and ‘stay stuck’.

Lesson 3: Resistance to Change: Factors 2 and 3

Lesson 3 describes the critical force that holds people back, and introduce another Mental Strength Training strategy that can help you take control of this most important factor.
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Lesson 4: Living Near the Zone

This lesson will offer suggestions for ‘tuning up’ your life so that you can have more frequent, high-level, ‘In-the-Zone’ performances.

Lesson 5: Getting to Your Goals

Lesson 5 will challenge you to consolidate what you have learned into a real goal and skill focused approach to living your life.

NOTE: The phone coaching is not included with this version of the course.  You may contact Dr. Curtis via email to determine his availability and the cost for a phone session.

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