Guest Post Guidelines

Make sure you have reviewed the Guest Post Terms and Conditions before submitting your post.

Note: Following the guidelines only assures that your post will be reviewed and considered to be included in the website.

  • Submitted post will be a unique article written specifically for HealthStatus, duplicate articles found elsewhere on the Internet will be rejected immediately.
  • Posts should be on a relevant health, wellness, or fitness topic.
  • Posts should be between 900 and 2600 words in length, we will on occasion review longer posts.
  • No posts will be accepted that are sexual in nature or are about male or female genitals.
  • No posts will be accepted on medical marijuana.
  • Posts will be in US English, with proper grammar, formatting, and written for consumers at an 8th grade reading level.
  • Posts will not contain more than two (2) external links.
  • Posts will not contain more than two (2) photos, drawings, sketches, or other graphics, which author has rights to publish.
  • Posts will not contain affiliate links or advertising images.
  • Posts will not contain links that redirect, link to sites with malware or other automatically loaded software.
  • Video posts will not be accepted.
  • HealthStatus gives preference to well documented and researched positions.
  • Posts should cover specific issues, causes of health issues, and healthy habits.
  • Products, product reviews, book reviews, website reviews, store reviews and similar will not be accepted.
  • Previous acceptance of a style of article does not mean future articles in the same style or similar content will be acceptable.

HealthStatus, LLC reserves the right to make small editorial changes, punctuation, styling, and phrasing to clarify or correct the post.

HealthStatus, LLC has the final say on all articles and whether they are suitable for posting on our website.

Approved articles will remain on the site for at least six (6) months, or the fee will be refunded if the article is removed by the decision of, Inc.   If the article is requested to be removed by the author, or the article or author is deemed to have not met the Guest Post Terms and Conditions, no refund will be made.

Conditions that could get your article removed without refund:

  • Use of copyrighted images or media in post.
  • Gray or Black hat SEO tactics such as link building to the article.
  • Reposting the article on other websites.

When you are ready to submit your article for review, go here.



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