Month: February 2007

Men and Osteoporosis

The “Dowager’s” hump – you see it so frequently in the shopping mall, in your bridge game, and at the ballgame – that you accept it as part of aging.  It’s that rounded curvature of the back, brought about by osteoporosis, that most men rather ignorantly (sorry…) assume is something that really only affects women.  […]

Strength Training or Cardio?

A woman-friend was complaining to her fitness trainer about how irregular her workouts have been since her promotion. “My gym routine has gone haywire since this promotion; I mean, it”s nice to have this fancy title and the extra dollars, but I”ve gained all these excess pounds as well,” she said. Her trainer nodded, having […]

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

What does an hour of your time cost? While every dollar has the same value, every hour does not. An hour at 10:00 in the morning may be of much more value as a working hour than 11:00 at night. On the other hand an hour at your child”s bedside when he is sick is […]

Insomnia in Infants and Children

Silent Night: Treating Insomnia in Infants and Children There are some people who have problems falling asleep each and every night. If they do, chances are they are afflicted by a psychological sleeping disorder called insomnia. Usually, people suffering from insomnia blame this for too much stress, worries, depression and a very worrisome life. People […]

Dining Out On A Diet

You don”t have to stay home to eat healthy. Most restaurants have low fat options and are quickly adding low carb menus.   Before going out, call around and find a restaurant with a menu that will be a good match for your diet. Once at the restaurant, there are ways to enjoy a guilt […]