Month: July 2007

Sports Contacts

Did you know there are specific contact lenses made for individual sports?

Fiber – What It Is and What It Does

Fiber — If there was one element of our diets that we would ‘wish away’ it might be fiber. Fiber is what is left over after our bodies have squeezed every bit of nutritive value from the foods we eat. Don’t discount fiber, however. It is a very important part of a healthy diet.

Chocolate – Science Has Never Seemed So Sweet

I have always known chocolate was good for me. There are times when nothing else can satisfy. But, I never thought it was going to be a healthy choice. Science is starting to make sense to me when it puts its seal of approval on a piece of chocolate.

Ear Buds and Hearing Health

Music is such a problem for hearing health that most people do not realize just how bad it is. Exposure to music that can harm your ears extends well beyond the scope of a loud rock concert. With the popularity of MP3 players people have been using ear buds instead of headphones. The problem with […]

Maintaining Healthy Bones After 50

“Boney Express” — that was what one woman, a victim of osteoporosis, named her nationwide campaign to call attention to the fragility of our bones as we age. She felt strongly that preventative maintenance as early as age 25 was key; when bone mass density peaks.

Exercise after Childbirth

Childbirth is a taxing process, it can leave a woman feeling completely exhausted. And unfortunately this feeling doesn’t go away after one night. If you have recently given birth incorporating an exercise regimen into your daily life will help your body get back to the shape you were in before pregnancy and help you heal […]

Keeping Track: Where Does the Time Go?

You”ve tried this before — creating a To-Do list, scheduling some appointments and booking projects. You have started the day on the right foot, determined to get on top of things. The kid”s lunches were packed and ready. You had plenty of time to get to work in the morning without any stress. When you […]

What is an Antioxidant?

Everywhere you look anymore you see the word antioxidant. It is even on cereal boxes in my grocery store. It is supposedly good for me, but what exactly is it? An oxidant is a free radical (sounds pretty wild). A free radical or oxidant is produced when cells in the body burn oxygen to produce […]

Flexibility: To Stretch or Not To Stretch

There is considerable variation in flexibility between individuals. You”ve seen contortionists that get their bodies into those clear cubes and then there is my husband who can barely touch his toes, and he is an athletic fit guy. And then there are variations within the same person flexible shoulders but inflexible hips. There are many […]