Month: May 2008

Bad News about Belly Fat

Many of us our clued in on checking our body mass index (BMI)to determine if we need to watch our weight and that is a good indicator of healthy weight but we may also need to be checking our waist line measurements.  When you carry excess weight around your middle your risk for many conditions […]

Healthy Ideas for When You Hit the Road

You’ve been doing great watching what you eat, making healthy choices, maintaining a good exercise routine.  But what happens when you travel?  For some of us that is just a couple times per year and we are able to self correct any back sliding when we get back home but for others travel happens regularly […]

Understanding the “Eat Local” Food Movement

The “Farm-to-Table” movement, the “Slow Food” movement and “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) are all trying to get you to do one thing; eat locally.  That means you purchase food direct from the grower; consuming food that is grown in a radius of 100miles from where you live.

Stomach Noise

I have one of those noisy stomachs that can sound not only like an alien but a whole alien invasion.  And it doesn’t happen when I am hungry announcing to one and all that I need to eat, it happens just after I have eaten.  My family has always gotten a kick out of it, […]

Functional Foods is this Marketing or Health?

Functional Foods are processed foods that claim to have a health-promoting or a disease prevention benefit beyond basic nutrition.  For example “calcium fortified” orange juice, water that contains added vitamins, Vitamin D added to milk, and cereals with added vitamins and minerals that are sprayed on the cereal itself.  In recent years there have been […]