Month: January 2009

Are You an Internet Addict?

Even the Internet can be addicting! Although Internet Addiction is not yet an official disorder, obsessive Internet use is a real problem for some today.

15 Best Tips to Help Remember Names

Do you have trouble recalling the names of those you have met before?  Lost for words when faced with a familiar face not seen for ages?  My husband and I have a system for remembering the names of new couples we meet.  He is to remember the man’s name and I am supposed to be […]

Scheduling: Making the Most of Your Time

Before you determine that you can’t live by a schedule, consider what happens when you don’t…

Dealing with Winter Skin

Its winter and that means cold temperatures and those cold temperatures are turning your skin dry and itchy.  Here are some ways to combat the cold and keep your skin looking and feeling good.

Are You Resolved to Organize Your Wellness, Weight Management and Appointments? We Have 3 New products for your consideration:

The Nutrition Twins and DayTimer have partnered up on two new products for January 2009.  They have pulled together a Wellness Calendar and a Weight Management Pocket Planner.

Are you resolved to get more rest and a better night”s sleep? Then check this out:

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get more sleep, than this is perfect for you.   Nap26 is a 26-minute CD that you download into your iPod or MP3 player.   It uses binaural beat technology to relax the brain into sleep and wakes you up again in 26 minutes.   A NASA study […]