Month: April 2009

Coping Tools for Attention Deficit Disorder

When a child or adult is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, they will need to learn to adapt their lives and circumstances to be able to deal with this condition on a daily basis. Many will suffer from poor organizational skills, periods of hyperactivity as well as problems concentrating on tasks. In order to deal […]

Demystifying Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disorder that affects the joints and either produces swelling or cartilage degeneration. While the cause is yet to be determined, research shows that it is directly related to age and most frequently occurs between the ages 40—50. This is why most people are likely to see the onset of this […]

Why A Clinic Might Be The Best Place To Start Over

Bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive overeating are some of the most common eating disorders that have affected a larger number of women than men across the world. And more so, with the greater emphasis placed by the media in recent times on the ‘body beautiful’. For many of those suffering from these conditions, the problem manifests […]

India – An Emerging Hub Of Medical Tourism In Asia

Long promoted for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, India now occupies an enviable position on the international map as a haven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare. The country is growing in popularity as a medical tourism hub due to its abundance of hi-tech hospitals coupled with certified and experienced healthcare professionals.

A Beginner”s Guide To Home Gyms

For all those who want to remain fit without going to a gym, here’s a comprehensive guide to home gyms for beginners. It is a perfect way to exercise in the comfort of your own house. Depending upon your requirement, the space available, and of course your budget, you can buy any equipment.

Simple Methods to Determine Your Fertile Days

More and more couples today, turn to easy methods of calculating the woman’s fertile days either to abstain from intercourse to prevent a pregnancy or to ensure intercourse on those days to increase chances of pregnancy.

A Glance At Medical Tourism In Central America

Simply put, medical tourism is traveling to a country other than your own for healthcare. Medical travel has taken a sudden impetus owing to globalization and the Internet. Many locations have become desirable among patients seeking medical tourism because of their cost-effectiveness and efficient medical aid. Out of these, Central America is a hot favorite […]

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus is an illness spread through contact with mosquitoes that have bitten an infected animal or human. West Nile Virus commonly occurs in the summer months and into the fall and typically occurs in North America.

Domestic Violence – Early Signs

Learning the early warning signs of domestic violence can sometimes help women to avoid relationships before they become too involved or extricate themselves from a relationship before it becomes dangerous.

The Importance of Weight Training for Golfers

Building strength and muscle tone is important for activity in any sport, and golf is no exception. Endurance training for stamina, like aerobic exercise, is important to be able to perform your best right up until the last hole on the course. But, another aspect that is just as important is training with weights to […]