Month: January 2010

Grocery Shopping for Your Diet

The first rule of shopping when you”re trying to lose weight is to shop with a list.   This is extremely important, because you don”t want to fall prey to the natural instincts of wanting to grab those cookies that are there on that special display at the end of aisle four.   Stick to […]

Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Are you looking to boost your metabolism?   If you are here are 5 easy ideas to incorporate into your daily life.  

Weight Loss Pep Talk

If you have tried every diet on the planet, every exercise program from the latest fitness guru and repeatedly failed to achieve your weight loss goals you probably need a “check up from the neck up.”

How to Choose the Right Fitness Trainer for You

People are more aware about their physical health than ever before.   Besides, who wouldn”t be?   With the increasing cases of heart related diseases, diabetes and obesity, you need to pay more attention to your body.   You have to remember that no one else is responsible for your body except you.   When […]

Avoid Common Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding is a fun sport to undertake but it has its risks that you need to be aware of.   Nothing would suck more that returning from a snowboarding trip with a broken leg or sprained wrist.   There are a number of broad safety measures you can follow to diminish your danger of a […]

Change What You Crave By Changing How You Think

Are cravings controlling your eating habits? Well, they don’t have to anymore. Cravings are overrated. Learn how to use your mind to change what you crave. You will lose weight.  

Dealing with Sinusitis

Sinusitis is very common. Even though it is a common problem it can cause lots of trouble. There are three types of sinusitis: Acute, Subacute and Chronic. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus membrane and can be infectious or non-infectious.

Fitness for Building Muscle: Comparison of Exercise Machines from Free Weights

Strength training is excellent for developing different muscle groups, and there are plenty of machines that will aid you in your fitness regimen. You need to make comparisons between using exercise machines and free weights. Both have advantages and disadvantages and the purpose of comparing is to weigh which one meets your fitness needs the […]

Move Forward Achieve Your Goals

Achieving your goals is an important step toward forward progression in life.   A life without goals follows the precept that “He, who aims at nothing, hits it”.   Without goals or a desire to move in a forward direction life takes on a motion of its own.   Often that motion is stagnant or […]

Hormone Health and Weight Loss

Our hormone health affects our bodies in many ways but one specific way is an increase in weight. Hormonally challenged women gain weight around their middle between the armpits and the top of the thighs. Often their arms are normal, their legs are normal and from the neck up they look great! Hormonally challenged men […]