Month: March 2010

Shin Splints

Have you ever felt pain in the front of your lower legs each time you run?   You feel as though your legs are on fire!   You have probably felt the pain of shin splints.

Allergy Shots for Allergy Relief

In this article we’re going to discuss a common form of battling allergies with the use of allergy shots and how allergy shots work to build up a person’s immunity to outside allergens.

5 Ways to Ease Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Are you battling stress, depression or anxiety?   Here are 5 quick ways to help you find relief.

Diabetic Supplies Tutorial

Diabetes is a chronic disease with no cure but the good news is that proper care and treatment a person can live a log and healthy life. Nearly 2,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day.

Diabetes Foot Care Tips

If you have diabetes information about how to manage your condition is vital to your well being. If you don’t look after your feet you run the risk of developing sores or infections that could, in the worst case scenario, lead to amputations. As happened to my father-in-law.   Reduce your risk of infection or […]

All about Diabetes

While talking about diabetes, you may be frightened from the idea that you may have it. Or maybe, you may have it in the future. You want to know if you are at risk to develop diabetes and anxiously you’re looking to find out if you have any diabetes symptoms.

How to Handle the Smoking Urge

There are several weapons that you can use in your fight to quit. EACH OF THESE WEAPONS WORK- THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN

Bungee Trampolines: Discover New Heights

Trampoline jumping has literally been taken to new heights with the launch of a gravity-defying, adrenaline-pumping sport known as bungee trampoline, introduced by the world of extreme sports. In bungee trampoline, the jumper has an adjustable harness attached to the waist, connected to bungee ropes on both sides. This allows various types of somersaults and […]

Balding Risk Factors

Androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern balding) is by far the most common cause of hair loss amongst men and a serious problem for many women. There are three important components which are responsible for both female and male balding:

What Causes Allergies?

The first thing we need to understand is what an allergy is.   An allergy is a reaction to something outside the body that the body itself feels is a threat to it.   More specifically, this is the immune system.