Month: September 2010

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Diabetic Disaster Preparedness

When Hurricane Katrina struck, people with diabetes faced particular challenges, especially those using insulin. More than 20 million people in America have diabetes, and many others suffer with other chronic health conditions. Eli Lilly and Company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of insulin, suggests that individuals with diabetes or any other chronic illness should […]

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Carb Addict – Yes or No?

It has been estimated that three out of every four overweight people are addicted to carbohydrates.   But what does this mean? In essence, it means that you have too much of the hormone insulin in your system.   This insulin prompts you to eat often and to consume the wrong types of foods.   […]

Lose inches

Body Wrapping and Weight Loss

Many spas and salons offer a process called “body wrapping.”   This procedure claims to remove inches from the waist, thighs, hips or other parts of the body.     The process includes the use of special wraps or clothing and can sometimes be used with special lotions or creams that are applied to the […]

Whiten your skin

Once you develop discolored patches on skin called melasma, removing them is a slow process. But they can be removed and you can whiten your skin. We get discoloration of the skin because of hormonal changes, sun rays and use of some photo toxic cosmetics. Let us now find out how to remove this discoloration […]

Skiing destination

Skiing Destinations

For all those who cherish skiing, this sport has everything to offer from fun, adventure, excitement, to some of the exotic skiing resorts and quite a few thrilling contests. This archaic sport has thus been able to garner worldwide acclaim. Now there are wonderful skiing resorts almost all across the globe to cater to the […]

Reduce waist

Eat Breakfast Lose Weight and Boost Metabolism

We’ve all known for some time that breakfast is an integral part of the day. Now research has shown that, regardless of physical activity, eating high fiber cereal in the morning at least three times a week leads to having a lower body mass index. This study followed 2,300 teenage girls over ten years, and […]

PowerVibe Challenge UPDATE 3

It has been three months since measurements were taken for our three office volunteers!   They got measured again and here is the update for each of them.

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Coping With Anger About Aging

They say there are stages of grief. Some of those stages include denial, depression and acceptance. But one that many of us experience is anger. While we most often associate grief with the emotions when a loved one passes away, we can go through grief about a lot of things. People go through grief when […]

Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Are you interested in losing weight? If you are, are you looking for a rapid weight loss? Rapid weight loss, also commonly referred to as quick weight loss or fast weight loss, involves losing weight in a short period of time, often anywhere from two to seven days.

An Enlarged Prostate – A Normal Part Of The Aging Process

The prostate gland goes through two main stages of growth during a man’s life. The first sees fairly rapid growth during the early years of puberty with the prostate roughly doubling in size. The second stage of growth starts in a man’s mid-twenties and this is a much slower phase of growth which then continues […]