Month: October 2010

Bad finger nails

Understanding Arthritis

The term “Arthritis” refers to more than 100 different types of diseases which all cause pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints of affected people. All arthritis conditions involve some form of joint pain. However, the seriousness of the joint pain, the duration of the joint pain and degree of the joint pain vary from […]

Losing weight

Diet with a Buddy to Lose Inches, Pounds and Temptation

A successful diet requires a commitment to nourish your body with only the healthiest foods available. Most people understand the dynamics of caloric intake: the higher the number of calories in your food, the higher the number of energy units you will have to burn during everyday activity and exercise.

Food in meal

Are The Foods We Eat, Always Safe?

Reference Webster’s New World College Dictionary:     Food:   1. any substance taken into and assimilated by a plant or animal to keep it alive and enable it to grow and repair tissue; nourishment; nutriment.     2. Anything that nourishes or stimulates; whatever helps something to keep active, grow, etc.