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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

The Prevention Of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs due to pressure exerted on the median nerve. The symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome include tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and fingers. This syndrome can easily be prevented by taking a few measures to prevent pressure being exerting on the median nerve.

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Treatment Of Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis is commonly called ” “kissing disease” and spreads the most by close contact and saliva. The disease is a viral infection and is usually treated symptomatically to relive the symptoms. Most medicines don’t have much of an effect as the disease usually runs its course and usually cures on its own.

Treatment Of Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are easy to treat with proper home care. Sinus infections usually block the nasal passages making it difficult for a person to breathe and also interfere with ones sleep and speech. Treating a sinus infection and making sure that they don”t reoccur requires some home based care that makes sure that it resolves […]

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Supplements That Help The Immune System

The immune system needs certain nutrients that can help increase its power. A person with strong immunity is less susceptible to infections and diseases. Supplements that boost the immune system can be taken in the form of tablets, and also through the diet.

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Symptoms of Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis is commonly known as ” “kissing”s disease” . This is a highly contagious viral infection which causes sore throat, fever, swollen lymph nodes and general malaise. This disease can easily be treated by home remedies and its spread can be avoided by taking a few precautions.

Treatment Of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a condition in which pressure exerted on the median nerve causes numbness, weakness, tingling and even muscle damage in the hand. The median nerve is the main nerve that is present in the wrist that supplies movement and feeling to parts of the hand.

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How Can Low Testosterone In Men Be Treated?

Low testosterone levels in men act as markers as a general decline in their overall health. Low testosterone levels should be treated effectively by hormone replacement therapy in men, but even these are not without risks.

What Supplements are Best For Lowering Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can have detrimental effects on a person”s mind and body. Stress due to any reason can actually make a person develop physical symptoms, and is the leading cause of high blood pressure in a person. There are many natural supplements that one can take to lower stress and anxiety and improve their […]

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Symptoms Of Low Testosterone in Men

As men age, testosterone levels in their body generally drop normally. Sometimes, low testosterone levels can adversely affect the health of men. Since this hormone is responsible for building new muscles, for deepening the voice and for revving up the sex drive in men, its lowering levels can have a negative impact on their lives.

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The Neti Pot and Salt Rinses For Sinus Health

The neti pot is a centuries old pot that has been used for the irrigation of blocked nasal passages. If you frequently suffer from nasal congestion due to allergies, rhinitis or frequent colds, using the neti pot may be the best way for you to maintain your sinus health.