Month: February 2012

Doctors discussing

Body Fat and Cholesterol

Being overweight is not a matter of esthetics. Obesity messes up every part of our system and opens us up for a large number of diseases. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, you name it. While heredity plays a small part in some people being predisposed to obesity, it is mostly up to […]

Doctor telling patients about colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March will be Colorectal Cancer awareness month. Everyone should be aware of the symptoms of this disease since with early detection it can be cured. If polyps are detected early, the cancer can actually be prevented.

Is Your Carpet Dangerous?

There is nothing like lovely clean smell of freshly cleaned carpet. We spend a lot of time on the floor,  snoozing, playing and roughhousing with our kids or pets, especially during the winter, and having a clean carpet is a must. Carpet cleaning services are affordable, they come to our homes, they clean and dry […]

The Power of High-Intensity Interval Training – No More Excuses

It does not matter how many times we hear from our doctor or from the media that we need to exercise to stay lean and healthy, most of us always find some excuse. The most popular one is ” ËœI do not have the time.”  Well, according to the latest research conducted by the […]


Top Exercises for Burning Calories are Childs Play

How many calories you can burn while actively exercising is based on variables like your current weight and the efficiency at which you can perform. Someone who weighs 170 pounds is going to burn calories much faster than a person who weighs 120 pounds. You may exercise with a friend all week using the same […]


Can We Prevent Alzheimer”s Disease?

In 2011, baby boomers officially reached the retirement age. That means that about 76 million people born between 1945 and 1964 are reaching the age when all sorts of age-related problems start raising their ugly head. The scariest, at least for this dynamic group, is Alzheimer”s disease. There is nothing as horrifying for baby boomers […]

Basal Metabolic Rate

Is it possible to lose weight if you stay in bed all the time and do nothing? Sure, as long as you eat just enough to stay alive. The energy needed for our body to function at rest, while doing nothing, is called basal metabolic rate or BMR. It is the energy needed for our […]

Organic food

Is Organic Food Really Better for You?

The sale of organic food has grown in the last ten years by almost 20 percents a year. Today, organic food counts for about two percents of food sales in the world. It is evident that people are convinced that organic food is better for them. But, is it really the truth?

Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning vegetables are common in anyone”s diet that eats their vegetables. Unless you are a meat and potato kind of consumer, you eat this type of vegetable all the time. So why aren”t you reaping the fat loss benefits of fat burning vegetables? Probably because of the way you prepare them.

Drinking alcohol

Am I Drunk?

Drinking and driving is not a good idea, regardless of how much alcohol you consumed. You do not have to be rolling drunk to have slower reflexes and impaired judgment, a deadly recipe when behind the wheel. There is a very simple calculator for how much alcohol you should drink before driving: zero. But, we […]