Month: April 2012

Teenagers with ADHD

Teenagers are four times more likely to get injured or die from driving related accidents than adults. The reasons are numerous, but pretty predictable: lack of experience, inability to assess danger, risky behavior due to peer pressure and hormones, alcohol, drugs.   When you add a metal disorder such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, you get […]

Feeling Tired? Go for a Walk

It sounds completely counter-intuitive, but scientists found that, instead dropping on your sofa and grabbing a remote, going for a walk, run or swim might do much more to make you feel refreshed and reinvigorated after a long day of work.

Babies Having Babies

It takes something so drastic like the news about the 10-year-old girl in Colombia recently reported in the media to have given birth via caesarian section to shake us up. We should have paid attention to what has been all around us for quite some time: our children are maturing way too early and little […]

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

The early stage of any exercise is anaerobic. Sprinting, weight lifting, push-ups, or jumping, in fact any short burst of exertion and high-intensity movement, is considered an anaerobic exercise. There is a reason why it is called anaerobic (without air). During short, intense exercise, our body demands more oxygen than it is available, so it […]

Allergy Season is Here and Longer Each Year

Pollen allergy People suffering from pollen allergies and asthma triggered by pollen dread the arrival of spring, as it is their most dreaded time. As the plants and trees start blooming, they release pollen, the most common allergy trigger.  According to the research conducted by scientists from the New York University School of Medicine, in […]

We Know We Have Fascia Only When it Hurts

Our body consists of bones, muscles, organs, arteries and veins. And then there is everything else, the tissue that connects those muscles bones, nerves and blood vessels. The fascial tissue is connected into a large net covering our entire body. But, you may ask, if it is so important, how so we never hear about […]

Dieting? Start Your Day with Sweets

Losing weight is a nightmare. You are permanently hungry, going to a restaurant is a torture, the scale is your worst enemy. If you are really persistent, you will manage to lose some weight, only to get it all back as soon as you start living normally again. That lose-gain yo-yo is the most dreaded […]

Chia Seeds are Back!!

We got to know chia seeds as cute clay figurines that grow fluffy green fur when we fill them with chia seeds and water them regularly. That is very poor use of this tiny powerhouse. Extremely rich in oil and a range of nutrients, chia seeds have been staple food for poor people in Mexico, […]

Mighty Fish – The Fatter the Better

If you do not eat much fish, you should seriously reconsider. It is great low calorie protein rich food perfect for any weight loss diet. It is very rich in good fats, important for maintaining low cholesterol. And now, with the results of the latest research, it seems that fish can also slow down ageing […]

Don’t Like Veggies? Pop Some Corn!

We were always told by nutritionists that popcorn is the best snack, as long as you do not load it with butter and salt. Scientists now found that it is also full of antioxidants, substances that may protect us from heart disease and even cancer.