Month: June 2012

Headache And Teeth Grinding

The most common way of dealing with headaches is to pop a pill and keep going. But, that leaves the underlying cause unknown and unaddressed. In most cases it is stress or too long time in front of the computer. But, sometimes it is something physical that we can fix. One of the common conditions […]

Lumosity – Exercises For The Brain

There is nobody who would not like to be smarter. But, most of us accept what our genetics gave us and what we managed to get through education and do the best we can with it. We have always been told that our brain does not change any more after our childhood. But, it seems […]

Quit Smoking – Online

So many people spend most of their awake time in front of their computers: we now shop online, find out mates, exchange recipes, check where are our kids, play, plan, bank and in general conduct our daily lives. So, there is no surprise that the health practitioners are trying to use online tools to give […]

Raw Food Diet Pros And Cons

Diet fads come and go, and it is surprise to many that raw food diet got so many converts. Once people start eating raw food, they become passionate about it. It becomes more of a lifestyle than a food choice. But, is raw food diet really healthy? Like with any diet, there are pros and […]

Neglected But Deadly – Chagas Disease

Why would a rare tropical disease cause such immediate alert in the US? Until now, Chagas disease was known only to those unfortunate 300,000 Americans who had bad fortune to get infected. But, since a large number of scientists published an editorial in the Neglected Tropical Diseases journal PLOS and called Chagas “the new AIDS […]

Deet Is Safe, Say Scientists, As Long As You Don’t Eat It

Every summer parents agonize about the use of mosquito repellents. Lovely summer days draw the whole family out into the forests and fields, gardens and swimming pools, into the world of mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other bugs. Thankfully, there are all those nice insect repellent full of DEET, that keep us safe and our skin […]

Breakfast Smoothie – A Perfect Meal Replacement

Grabbing a doughnut, a bagel or only a cup of coffee on the way out of the house in the morning is the familiar picture in most modern families. Who has the time to prepare a hot meal, cook pancakes or even mix a fruit salad? But, starting the day without proper nutrients and energy […]

Whooping Cough Epidemics – Where Did That Come From?

The news that Washington State had to declare epidemics of whooping cough alarmed large number of people who thought that at least in the US we are safe from such health threats. Unfortunately, we are much more vulnerable than we think. Similar epidemic occurred in California in 2010, where 9000 people contracted the disease and […]

Weight Loss Program – It Is Tough To Do It Alone

Most people who tried one (or fifty) weight loss programs agree: the worst part, and the biggest reason for the failure, is the sense of isolation. We feel alone and neglected and out of the normal social loop. This is one of the reasons for the phenomenal success of commercial weight loss programs: they offer […]

How Sounds Affect Our Brains

We know that some sounds (techno music comes to mind) can drive us crazy. We use soothing music to relax and distress. Music therapy is widely used to support treatment of many psychological and emotional disorders. Music and beats have very powerful effects on our mood, the way we learn and the way we express […]