Month: June 2012

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac: Oh, My!

Well there are three things you want to leave alone. Not only are these unpleasant with all the itching, rashes, and pain, but if it gets ingested or breathed in, it can be deadly.

Steroids Useless for Lower Back Pain

Many doctors prefer to prescribe epidural steroid injections to treat the lower back pain than pain killers, because of less potential side effects. This is particularly true with the pain caused by lumbosacral radiculopathy. Radiculopathy or irritation of the nerves caused by injury or wear and tear of the outer ring of the discs between […]

Moldy Food – Throw it Away or Eat it?

Finding the contents of your fridge all furry after a weekend away is gross and most of us just dump everything and drench the fridge with cleaners. But, not all moldy foods are bad. Knowing which is which can make the difference between getting sick and staying safe.

Sleep Apnea and Cancer

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder that affects about 18 million Americans. It has been linked to higher risk of heart disease, depression, high blood pressure and sleep deprivation. The two new studies now link sleep apnea to the higher risk of dying from cancer.

Paleo Diet- Eat Like the Caveman

How could a diet with such a name become popular is not easy to understand, but the fact is that the media is full of stories about its advantages. It helps that various athletes swear by it and would eat nothing else. What on Earth the cavemen ate and why should we do the same, […]

What is Our Perfect Weight?

Figuring out what is our perfect weight is not easy. Some of us are blessed with a body type which always looks thin, and the rest of us look plump even if we are not really overweight. Scientists lead by Dr. Margaret Ashwell, former science director of the British Nutrition Foundation, now say that the […]

Cilantro Debate

Did you ever think that your hatred for cilantro will become a topic of a number of scientific studies and numerous of theories, from psychological to genetic? Some foods we like and some we do not, right? With cilantro, it is a bit more than that. People who love it or hate it are so […]

Is Your Kid Dehydrated?

Getting dehydrated during the summer is easy, especially if you are traveling through hot tropical countries. Heat, intense physical activities, unfamiliar or not completely clean food, kids easily get sick, or just sweat more than they can replenish with drinks. Warning signs are very difficult to see, particularly in children, until the dehydration becomes serious. […]

Are Allergies Good?

Every spring and beautiful blooming trees send thousands of pollen-allergy sufferers into agony of sneezing. Watery eyes, clogged sinuses, leaking nose, they are horrible nuisances usually treated with allergy medicine and avoiding going out at all. But, it seems that the sneezing attacks and other manifestations of allergic reactions are our body’s way of telling […]

Vitamin E and Cataracts

Most of us were forced to eat carrots as kids “to get better vision”, according to our mothers. We grew up believing that rabbits crunching carrots all have excellent eyes, and we had cartoons to support our, and our mothers’, belief. It would seem logical to believe that, if we continue eating carrots long into […]