Month: July 2012

Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement – Not Exactly The Same

Huge success of hip replacement therapy initiated an increase in knee replacement surgery by 800 percents. But, some medical experts, such as Dr. David T. Felson, a rheumatologist and epidemiologist at Boston University School of Medicine, believes that almost 30 percents of knee replacements do not provide expected relief and that there are other, more […]


Once known to the populace as being the “disease of kings,” gout has a long history of affecting men of a more portly nature, due to their ability to overindulge in high quality foods and an enjoyment of alcohol. In modern times, where rich food is readily available to all, gout has become more akin […]

How To Manage Allergies?

If you are sneezing, itching, wheezing, coughing, your eyes are red and you are constantly being congested, you are one of 50 million Americans who suffer from some form of allergic disease. While the number of people with some types of allergy, such as dust mites, is decreasing, others are on the increase. Climate change […]

Hemochromatosis – Too Much Iron

We are much more likely to suffer from not enough iron, especially if our diet depends on the proximity of McDonalds. But, one in 300 Americans  suffers from the disease called hemochromatosis – their bodies absorb too much iron from food and cannot get rid of it. The disease is much more common in white […]

Delicious, Ignored Mushrooms

Some research findings go unnoticed. It is difficult to figure out why. One great example is the role simple white button mushrooms play in curing cancer. You have probably never even heard that mushrooms can be good for anything but pizzas. But, research is extensive and findings are strong: mushrooms are proving almost miraculous in […]

If Bees Can Be Young Again, So Can We

It is amazing how much animals can teach us. A group of scientists from Arizona State University found out that brains of older honey bees become young again when they are forced to become responsible for nursing babies, normally handled by younger bees. The old bees did not take any anti-aging drug, they reversed the […]

Stress Is Not All Bad: It May Boost Immune System

Stress is bad for us, right? Not necessarily. We know that we perform best when under stress, when we have to gather all our resources to produce results, like before a big meeting or an exam. Sort of like our ancestors when being chased by a lion. Stress forces the production of a range of […]


Germs In The Workplace

Germs are pretty much everywhere, even at your place of work, often we don”t consider this, but exposure to some of these may cause illness. Another thing to consider about this is that not only could someone become ill, but people being ill may slow productivity. “Germs are lurking all over the workplace. The Centers […]

Insect Bite Treatments (summer insects like mosquitoes, ants and ticks)

Well, spring is here and summer is close, time for backyard fun, fishing and camping, and of course insects, flying, buzzing, biting, stinging, irritating, insects. Depending on what part of the country you live in will tell what you have to put up with. Around my neck of the woods we pretty much have them […]

Interval training on treadmil

Interval Training On A Treadmill

Interval training is not for the beginner. But if you have had a regular walking or running regimen for at least six months then you are probably ready to take your workout to the next level with interval training on the treadmill.