Month: July 2012


Food For Your Workout

The success of a workout, and the comfort during it, are entirely based on what foods are eaten before and after. The annoying factor of hunger can be suppressed by energy foods such as drinks, bars, gels, and any other carbs that are digested easily. Foods like these, designed to provide energy, will also help […]


Rip Current Safety

Well, the weather is warming up and so everyone is heading outside to have cookouts, picnics, play ball, skateboard, sail, kayak, swim, and surf. Seasoned water sports enthusiasts are aware of the dangers of the ocean. Beginners may not be aware of certain things that could put them in danger, and I don’t mean anything […]

Healthy heart diet

Heart Healthy Eating

The things you eat directly affect the ability of your body both to preform, and to stay healthy. And of course the most important part of the body to keep in mind when picking foods to eat is the heart of the body. Here we have listed some of the main concerns that are found […]

Couple sitting near the ocean

Artificial Light And Health

The Sun’s light is a necessity. Natural sunlight is good for you in amounts that do not cause burns. Natural sunlight on your skin causes the skin to produce vitamin D3, which is actually a prohormone that is vital for the absorption of calcium by the body. Vitamin D3 is needed for development of healthy […]

Blood circulatory system

Gum Disease And Heart Attack Risk

We all know, or should know, the importance of proper dental hygiene to prevent gingivitis (gum disease), but did you know that poor dental hygiene can also increase your risk of heart attack? It’s true, or is it. A popular belief for many years now is that gum disease can lead to heart disease and […]

Old couple hiking

Healthy Hiking

Healthy hiking? Is there another kind? Exercise is good for you period. Almost anyone, save the elderly and feeble or disabled, can go out and walk. As for hiking, well, there are two kinds of hiking, urban hiking and trail hiking.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Practically Anything

Summer is the time of numerous scraped knees and elbows, so it is very likely that your medicine cabinet has sufficient quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Kids do not mind it when you pour it over their wounds because it does not sting, just makes funny foam. Kids are not the only one to benefit from […]

Dangers of Fluoride Toothpaste

Pearly whites, chompers, grinders, gnashers, fangs, we all have them, some are nicer than others and some have had “work” done to them. But one thing we all have in common is that we brush them two or three times daily, (well, you should) and usually we brush them with toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Antibiotics in Meat: Are We Raising Super Bugs?

Most of us are vaguely aware that meat manufacturers feed healthy animals with antibiotics and other drugs. In fact, 80 percents of antibiotics produced in the US are not used to cure diseases. The drugs are given to healthy animals, in small doses, to prevent diseases. Fed with antibiotics, animals grow much faster and larger, […]

Calories And Your Body Mass Index

It seems like it should be a simple formula, your body mass increases when you take in more calories, and decreases when you burn off unwanted calories, yes, it’s that simple. Well, okay, it’s really not, but understanding caloric intake and your body mass index is important if you are trying to watch your weight, […]