Month: July 2012

Failed An Exam? Blame It On Sugar

We are all guilty of loading on sugary sodas when we are under stress or need an energy boost, but students are the worst. For parents, it seems like they subsist on chocolate bars and giant cokes. While their goal is to stay awake and alert so that they could cram for exams, scientists say […]

Children And Diabetes – Alarming Trends

A report presented at the recent American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting alarmed scientists and doctors: data shows an increase of type 1 diabetes in children of 23 percents. When added to the increase of type 2 diabetes among young people of 21 percents, our young generation can expect bleak future.

Calcium Conundrum

If you are confused by the contradictory advice on calcium and vitamin D supplements and their usefulness, you are not the only one. The latest addition to the confusion comes from the United States Preventive Services Task Force, the same group of scientists that recently recommended against routine prostate cancer tests. According to them, calcium […]