Month: September 2012

A bird

What Is A Free-Range Chicken?

When one hears the term “free range” chicken or turkey, one most often envisions beautiful birds living a carefree life of peace, running green fields and scratching the ground for insects and dirt without a care in the world. Unfortunately that’s not quite how it is.

Baby eating an apple

Infant And Child Feeding

Research shows that breastfeeding a baby is very important as it helps the child as well as the mother, to be healthier. Research has shown that breast feeding infants exclusively for the first six months, then gradually adding food staples to their diet for the next two or three yrs before completely weaning them off […]

Doctor checking the patient

Regular Check Up – How It Affects Our Health

How does a getting regular physical checkup with your physician affect your physical health? Well, for starters, if you get regular physical checkups your doctor may find a problem before it becomes a real issue. Getting your annual checkup lets you know everything is in working order.

Older Father Increases His Offspring Risk Of Autism

Women have always been warned not to wait to have their first child. “The clock is ticking” is a worry of many women in their 30s. The common wisdom was always that they increase the risk of birth defects as they age. Scientists from the Iceland company Decode Genetics found out that it is fathers’ […]

Snoring In Children Is More Than Annoyance

Is your kid always snorting? It might be a sign of troubles to come. Scientists found the link between persistent snoring in children and problems with behavior and learning later on. Kids need a lot of sleep to stay healthy and snoring might depriving them of the rest they need. So, if your kid is […]

Papaya Power

We have to thank to the Old World invaders and conquerors for the world distribution of many plants and animals. Columbus discovered papaya when he came to ‘India’ and since then papaya conquered more worlds than the Spanish conquistadors. And for a good reason. Papaya is cheap, delicious and nutritious food, grows in all tropical […]

What Are We Smoking?

In their latest Morbidity and Mortality Report, CDC reported that the use of smoked tobacco (read cigarettes) declined between 2000 and 2011 by 27.5 percents. Good news, right? Not exactly. During the same period, consumption of non-cigarette smoked tobacco (read pipe and lose tobacco and cigars) increased by 123 percents. What is going on?

Is Marijuana Eating Your Brain?

The younger we are when we start smoking marijuana, the more IQ points we are going to lose along the way. While this finding of the latest research by the scientists from the Duke University is not surprising, it sends a warning to young people who are reaching for marijuana when under stress. It is […]

What Dart Vader Has To Do With Bacteria?

The fear of superbugs, bacteria that are resistant to all known antibiotics, is a well justified fear of both the scientific community and general population.  Super bugs  are bacteria that are resistant to all existing antibiotics. Bacteria have the ability to adapt to antibiotics and develop resistance to them. So far, scientists were coping with […]

Iron – Too Much Is Worse Than Too Little

There was a time when anemia or iron deficiency was a common health problem, especially in kids that were picky eaters, menstruating women and vegetarians. Many of us grew up watching Popeye the sailor cartoons, which our parents used to convince us to eat spinach to be strong and healthy. We ended up growing up […]