Month: December 2012

Infection And Immunity

What is Infection? Infection in humans defines an organism that is receiving sustenance or nourishment from a host – or the human body. An infection begins if the organism feeds on and multiplies at an increased rate in or on the host and this affects health. Organisms that cause infections are parasites, bacteria, prions, viruses […]

How Many Calories To Lose Weight?

The best rule of thumb to go by when counting calories to lose weight is to exercise and burn off more calories than you consume. You do need to learn your body-mass index to find out what your optimum calories are. For example a BMI or body mass index of 21.5 is great for females […]

How Many Calories Burn In Our Daily Activities

Reaping the benefits of exercise is assured when you go to the gym and do extreme exercising. It has been proven, however that you don’t need a gym setting to lose weight and burn calories. Simple gardening, walking the dog or cleaning the house burns calories and provides health benefits without stressing your day. Incorporating […]

Baby health care

Healthy Babies Month

It’s funny to me that a month designed to give children huge sacks of candy that can rot their teeth and make them fat, is also National healthy Babies month. Go figure. But in fact, it is, however, I say rather than observe one measly month out of the year as a month for making […]

Calorie Deficit Doesn’t Make You Firm

To build and gain more muscle you need to burn fat. Calories equal fat or so the myths surrounding weight loss say. To lose weight you may be tempted to place your body in extreme calorie deficit. This advice comes from the same idea that tells you to eat a diet high in proteins as […]

Internal structure of eye

Best Practices For Healthy Eyes

We all know for healthy eyes that we should brush and floss them at least twice daily and rinse with a quality antiseptic, oh wait, that’s a different article. The point being is that most people are aware of what to do to keep their teeth healthy and strong, but few are aware of healthy […]

Low Calories Ways To Snack During The Holidays

Eating an extra piece of fudge or a cookie per day during the Christmas season will help you realize one pound a month. This may not sound like a great deal but if you keep eating that cookie you will weigh more than ten pounds heavier in a matter of years. There are many people […]

People carrying holiday food

How Many Calories Are In “Holiday” Foods?

Well another Halloween has come and gone and the two “big feasts” are just around the corner. Thanksgiving and Christmas (or Hanukkah for our Jewish fiends) after Easter (or Passover for our Jewish fiends), are typically the days of celebration where everyone has a huge dinner with all of the family, friends, and other assorted […]

Cancer DNA

Top Five Deadliest Cancers In The United States

It is no surprise that the very thought of being diagnosed with cancer is one that is an event that goes hand-in-hand with fear and dread. This is because many of those people who have not experienced the event think of cancer as being a disease that only results in death.

Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Food is utilized by your body for energy and any surplus energy is stored as fat. If you consume more food than your body requires for every day activates and cell upkeep you will increase your weight. To lose weight the healthy way you need to make sure your body uses up stores of fat. […]