Month: December 2012

Food Addiction

Like drugs, smoking or drinking highly palatable foods will trigger feel-good brain chemicals called dopamine. Once you feel the pleasure reward from eating certain foods you will quickly want to eat them again. Reward signals will override the signals of fullness after eating a meal and as a result you will eat continue to eat […]

Toned Versus Skinny

There is a definite difference between lean and skinny fat and using all factors of body composition instead of simply relying on the number on the weight scale is the correct way to determine how healthy you really are. As you look at pictures of celebrities they may look lean and they may have an […]

Best Foods For Eye Health

You probably heard it when you were a kid too and didn’t want to eat your vegetables either, and your mother would say, “Eat your carrots; they are good for your eyes”. But what nutrients are in carrots that would make them good for your eyes? What other foods contain these same nutrients?