Month: January 2013

Weight Loss Drug May Cause Irreversible Damage

Taking shortcuts in the war against obesity can cost us dearly. Popular weight loss drug orlistat, known as Alli, has been approved by the FDA in 1999 and has been available over the counter since 2007. The new study by a researcher from the University of Rhode Island shows that Alli can cause severe toxicity […]

Viruses Vs Bacteria – New Acne Curing Potential

Being a teenager is not always fun. All those hormones raging, body changes you do not know what to do with, acne” ¦Acne have been causing untold misery to millions of teenagers throughout history. At the age when the way you look is of utmost importance, your face looks like full of moon craters. While […]

A baby

National Birth Defects Prevention Month

January is Birth Defects Prevention Month and this year’s theme is “Birth Defects are Common, Costly, and Critical.”

A dog vomiting

Hair Of The Dog Good Only For The Dog

“I will never drink again” is the common reaction the morning after the drinking binge. Pounding headache, upset stomach, shaky hands, general feeling like the house fell on you, or the state we generally call ‘hangover’, is familiar to most people who tend to overindulge in alcoholic drinks. As the holiday season is approaching, it […]

Cleansing Diets – Just Another Fad

For most of us, holiday season is the time to spend with our loved ones and to over-indulge in good food and drinks. We know we will pay for that, but we plan on going through some serious detox after the holidays to even things out. But, many recent studies show that all those detox […]

Recognizing Mental Problems In Children

The goal of all parents is to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. We carefully watch for signs that they are sick. But, how can we recognize signs that the sickness is of the mind, not of body? Mental health of our children has been pushed into the headlines recently, after the tragic shooting in yet […]

Health Care Myths

People are living longer than ever before and it can be credited that advances in routine testing and examinations are the positive causes. However, routine testing using radiation or invasive procedures plus the practice of prescribing unnecessary medications can actually cause more harm than good.

Cat Litter Parasite Dangerous For Pregnant Women And Unborn Babies

If you are pregnant, make sure your husband is changing your cat’s litter. According to the latest research conducted by a group of Swedish scientist, a common parasite Toxoplasma gondii found in the cat littler can enter the brain and severely affect pregnant women, unborn fetuses and people with weak immune system.

Burning Calories During Pregnancy

When you eat the right amount of calories during pregnancy you will have a healthy weight gain. You can track healthy weight gain through pregnancy using an average scale of gaining one to four pounds during your first trimester and two to four pounds per month during your second and third trimesters.

Are You Burning Calories Or Losing Fat?

Burning calories and losing fat is the way to drop weight and gain health and mobility. Experts agree that losing calories will prevent your body from storing fat but how that is done is a bit more technical.