Month: February 2013

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Eating Disorders Awareness

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, is the 24 of February through the 4th of March, is designed to help give warning signs and treatment options for eating disorders. If you know someone who eats copies amount of food, is bulimic or anorexic you need to sit up and take control of the situation. There are […]

Fighting Alzheimer’s Explosion

Medical professionals warn that Alzheimer’s disease is slowly and surely becoming one of the most troubling public health problems our society faces. According to the recent study, by 2050 13.8 million people Americans will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In 2010, there were only 4.7 million. What is going on and is there a way […]

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What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a collection of metabolic risk factors. Basically in order to determine what your problem is symptoms and risk factors are blended together to if you have metabolic syndrome. As a definition, metabolic syndrome is connected to cardiovascular problems. High blood pressure alone is a serious condition, but when combined with […]

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Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month and was established to bring awareness to the importance of being proactive in the fight against cancers. The death rates from cancers in the United States have fallen by over 20 percent since peaking in 1991 and this is due to all of you being more aware of cancer. […]

Small Business and Wellness

Do small businesses need to concern themselves with the health of their employees? First off, what exactly is a small business? A small business can be generally described as: a privately owned and operated business that is for profit, is not dominant in its field and has a small number of employees. Once you start […]

Energy Drinks May Be Harmful For Adolescents

American Academy of Pediatrics has been warning parents and medical professionals for years that energy drinks can be harmful for children and adolescents. Recent Report named Energy Drinks: What Teenagers (and Their Doctors) Should Know, published in the journal Pediatrics in Review, confirmed these findings. The pediatricians are now joined by two senators and one […]

Vegetables Caused Most Cases Of Food Poisoning

Every year, 48 million Americans suffer from some type of food-borne disease and 2000 of them die from it. According to the latest report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), most food poisoning is caused by produce such as lettuce and spinach. Most deaths were caused by poultry. This report is based […]

Poor Sleep Causes Memory Loss

One of the first signs of ageing is memory loss. Many studies linked memory loss with the ageing brain, but could not explain why exactly we start having difficulty remembering things as we get older. The latest research published in the recent issue of the Nature Neuroscience found that it is poor sleep that the […]

Obesity Myths And Facts

It seems that much of our knowledge about obesity consists of myths, misinformation and misunderstanding. At least, that is what a group of scientists reported in their article published in the New England Journal of Medicine. If we are to accept these findings, it is not surprising that our battle against obesity epidemics is not […]

Vaccine Could Prevent Throat Cancer Epidemics

Human papilloma virus is known as the major cause of almost all cervical cancers and some vaginal, penile and vulvar cancers. What is alarming health care professional is a rapid increase in the number of cases of oropharyngeal cancers, which are also caused by high-risk HPVs. A newly formed Throat Cancer Foundation is suggesting that […]