Month: March 2013

Meat in store

Refined Food Addiction

Do you know anyone who isn’t addicted to food? Laugh at this question, but Americans do have food addictions. Adults are getting fatter, children are getting fat. Statistics say that the next group of children will be the first generation whose lifespan may actually be shorter than their parents.

Team of doctors

Self-tracking Your Own Health

Dr. Google is the most popular doctor in the world. He is always at your fingertips and he can diagnose anything, from flu to advanced cancer. You do not have to wait and he is completely free. There is only one problem: everything that Dr. Google offers is there for you to interpret, without the […]

Food good for immune system

Can We Really Boost Our Immune System?

Media is full of ‘expert’ advice on the best foods, super foods and super supplements to boost our immune system and keep ourselves safe from anything from flu to cancer. But, although each advice talks about ‘secret’ foods and ingredients, the truth is much simpler: according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the secret […]

People exercising

Staying Young in Old Age – The Power of Exercise

Taking care of seniors, and helping them to stay healthy and happy long into the old age is a hot topic. Scientists are looking for the ways to keep them healthy, health clubs and trainers are coming up with special exercise programs and physicians are quick to recommend exercise for anything, from obesity to Alzheimer’s. […]


Are You Physically Fit?

What is physical fitness or what does it mean to be physically fit? To put it in technical defined terms, fitness is a set of characteristics that people need to be able to complete physical activities. Being fit is defined by what type of activity you do, how long you do it, and at what […]

Drawing of a fork picking heart

Heart Diseases Can Be Prevented

Heart disease covers a wide range of diseases that affect your heart. Most of these diseases come from problems with your blood vessels, heart rhythm problems, heart infections and heart defects created before you were born.

Wheat field

Gluten-Free Diet: Only If You Have To

Our attraction to diet fads is making some manufacturers very rich. Gluten-free diet is taking over the world and is now worth, according to the Euromonitor International, whooping $3.5 billion and is still growing. It is not difficult to explain: on one hand, more Americans are now diagnosed with celiac disease, which was for a […]

weight machine

Are You Healthy at Any Size?

There are those who advocate that you can be healthy at any size and being overweight isn’t really that bad for you. There are doctors who agree and some doctors who state that this is a very irresponsible point of view. Each side has valid points, but the ultimate health determination is your own doctor, […]

What’s Your Ideal Weight?

There’s your age. Your birthday. Your phone number. Your social security number. And then there’s that other number that”s been lurking in your head for years: Your ideal weight. If you’re like most women, those three digits are all but tattooed in your brain – easily conjured up the moment your jeans feel snug or […]

Cancer cells

Cancer: The Dreaded Disease(s)

When you hear the word “cancer” as a diagnosis for you or someone you know, immediately thought of “what do I want at my funeral” enters your mind. Next are the fearful pictures of lying in bed with multiple tubes coming out of your arms and greenish liquids being poured into your veins.