Month: December 2013

Natural Home Remedies

It would be awesome to have a medical professional on hand 24/7 to cure stomach aches, massage away tired muscles or treat ailments swiftly and at home. You can do it yourself without having to run to the doctor every time a little ache comes your way. Put these natural home remedies in your refrigerator, […]

ovulation chart

Ovulation, What is it?

When a developed egg is let go from the ovary, moved though the fallopian tube and ready for fertilization, this is ovulation. The uterus lining is prepared, excited and eager to receive a fertilized egg. At this point, if there is no conception or fertilization, the uterine lining is shed through menstruation.

Vitamin D: Good for Winter Blues

Vitamin D is almost a wonder vitamin. It comes from sunlight, seafood, and mushrooms and is known to lower cancer rates, help heal bone fractures, reduce diabetes and heart disease symptoms. Take vitamin D if you are anxious and depressed. If you don’t go outdoors much during any time of the year you are probably […]

Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is bariatric surgery.  Most bariatric surgeries are performed on patients who have underlying conditions or who are obese. Stomach size is reduced either via a gastric band or through elimination of part of the stomach or stomach attachment to different areas of the intestine. Weight loss surgery means undergoing gastric bypass surgery […]


Hypothermia is a medical emergency. Your body loses heat much faster than it produces heat and causes dangerous low body temperatures. Your normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and when your body temperature falls to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) your nervous system, heart and internal organs don”t work properly. […]

Health and Resolutions before the Holidays

Want to have a healthy holiday season and give your body and mind a break? Before your life gets too busy, make a plan and start a resolution to exercise and eat right. Pencil in morning exercises. This will make it more difficult to cheat.   If you are not a morning person get your […]