Month: February 2014

Arthroplasty: Hip Replacement

If your hip joint is diseased or you have broken your hip you will undergo hip replacement or arthroplasty. Your hip is removed and replaced with artificial part or prosthesis. Hip replacement surgery helps increase mobility, improves the joint function, relieves pain and if broken, repairs the break. Almost 332,000 hip replacements are performed in […]

vitamins for skin

Supplements for Your Skin

Keep your skin youthful by avoiding smoking, protecting your skin from sunlight, and eating a healthy diet full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Don’t avoid good old-fashioned soap and water either! To get a leg up on age, you might try a few of these vitamins and antioxidants to help improve the quality and health […]

Man having back pain

Symptoms of Kidney Disease

The beginning stages of kidney disease are hard to diagnose and early signs are understated. It can take years to go from the beginning stages of chronic kidney disease or CKD to actual kidney failure. Yet those with stage 3 CKD have an 80% chance of never having kidney failure. It has been suggested that […]

Girl measuring her thigh size with measuring tape

Thigh Size: An Indicator of Heart Disease

Bigger  thighs could mean a lower danger of heart disease. In recent studies, women and men whose thighs calculated at less than 24 inches in diameter had an increased risk of heart disease and death. In other words, the smaller your thighs the more at risk you are for heart problems. If your thighs are […]

A stressed man

What is Fatigue and How to Combat It

Everyone struggles with being overtired or overworked. There are instances of temporary fatigue and these have identifiable causes.   There is also chronic fatigue that lasts longer and is more health-alarming. Chronic fatigue is a constant state of weariness that creeps up over time and takes away your mental capacity and energy. If you are […]

Signs of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis has unpredictable symptoms and the symptoms differ in intensity. There are some who only have numbness and are always fatigued, but severe cases can cause weakened brain functions, paralysis, and loss of vision. It has been reported that MS (multiple sclerosis) affects about 2.5 million people globally and women are affected much more […]

What is Celiac Disease?

A hot medical topic for the last few years features celiac disease, what it is, and how to combat it. Medically defined celiac disease is reaction brought on by the immune system when you eat gluten or the proteins originating in ryes, barley and wheat. Eating gluten activates an immune reaction in the small intestine. […]

Vascular Disease: Increases Autoimmune Disorders

Hardening of the arteries is associated with heart disease and strokes, but it may also be linked with autoimmune diseases. Studies published in medical journals indicate that those who have high blood levels of a molecule known to cause vascular disease have exaggerated symptoms of autoimmune disorders like arthritis or psoriasis.

Why We Need Sleep

Good sleep is a staple of good health. Sleep is needed to regulate body functions, help you feel more energetic, happier and better able to function. Sleep just feels good. Compare sleep to eating. When you are hungry you consume nutrients to help bodies grow, repair tissues and provide health to your internal organs. It […]

Millennials and Stress

Every generation brings their own quirks, attitudes and values. Those born between 1946 and 1964 are the parents of the millennial generation. Baby boomers revolted against morally constructing values and created their own set of values that now dominate the culture. Feminism, looser sexual morals and anti-war sentiments are very visible, but what about the […]