Month: September 2014

Weight lifting

Crossfit: Flab to Fab

So many people are talking about this new workout craze, Crossfit. But how much do you really know about it? Is it right for you? Could this be the best thing for your body? HealthStatus takes a look at this new workout regimen.  

Burning calories by walking

How Walking Burns Fat and Calories

The great thing about walking is it’s easy to do and it can be done anywhere. It requires no special equipment. Just put on your sneakers and head outside.

Wheat field

Gluten and Why People Are Leaving It Behind

There’s a major difference between having a gluten-free diet and having celiac disease, or gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein found in certain grains like wheat, barley, rye, and other similar grains. Being allergic to gluten can cause an enormous amount of bodily harm and problems if not correctly diagnosed with proper dietary restrictions put […]


5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Snack Correctly When you’re pregnant, stray away from unhealthy junk foods. Stick with healthy foods like: Broccoli Beans and Lentils Bananas Eggs Oatmeal Leafy Greens High-Vitamin, High-Water Fruits like Oranges and Grapefruit Take Prenatal Vitamins Although this is the first thing many women think of when they become pregnant or find out someone is pregnant, […]


Keep Up With Your Ideal Workout Routine

Getting fit is more than just about getting healthy. If you set yourself good fitness goals and plan a fitness program that appeals to you, getting fit can be fun and enjoyable as well. Finding ways to get healthy in fun and entertaining ways can ensure that you stick with your routine and don’t get […]

2 workout buddies working out

Six Characteristics of A Great Workout Partner

Looking for a workout buddy is very important! They depend on how often you’ll workout and how effectively you’ll workout. With a bad partner, your workout routine and plan can easily crumble. Make sure you take these six characteristics to heart before you ask someone to workout with you, but also make sure that you […]

Path during winters

Running Tips For Extreme Weather

With summer on its way out and cooler weather in sight, the idea of exercising outside is starting to become more appealing. And what better way to enjoy the cool, crisp weather and changing landscape than a run.

Healthy fruits and vegetables

3 Reasons To Detox Your Body With Raw Food

It’s no secret that our bodies carry toxins. From the food we eat to the environments where we live, our bodies pick up various toxins that, over time, can wear us down and cause problems.

Healthy life

Preventive Services Covered Under the Affordable Care Act

If you have a new health insurance plan or insurance policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010, the following preventive services must be covered without your having to pay a co-payment or co-insurance or meet your deductible. This applies only when these services are delivered by a network provider.  


5 Reasons Smoothies are the New Fast Food

More and more people are trying to eat healthily. But when it comes to a quick meal, many people are still turning to “fast food.” There are alternatives! You can still feed your body well, even when you’re on the run.