Month: December 2014

Woman doing yoga

Exercises for the Unmotivated

Are you an inconsistent exerciser? Do you feel proud of your exercise accomplishments one week and discouraged with your lack of progress the next? Here are a few exercise solutions for those days and weeks when you’re not exactly feeling like Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper.

Healthy diet

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

You are what you eat, so if you eat healthier, you will be healthier! Reducing the amount of fat you eat is one way to eat better, but it’s not the only way. Try to eat a wide variety of fresh foods each day, avoid processed foods and check your consumption of carbohydrates, proteins and […]

Cholesterol lowering food

7 Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol

High LDL cholesterol results in arterial plaque buildup, which can contribute to heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular disease. Luckily, there are many foods that can help keep bad cholesterol under control. Below are some of the most effective foods that anyone can add to their diet in order to reduce LDL cholesterol without sacrificing flavorful, […]

Woman holding broccoli

The Many Reasons to Include Broccoli in Your Diet

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that has stalks with clusters of tiny buds at the end. It is usually green, but sometimes the buds are dark purple. There are many good reasons to eat broccoli, so find out why you should include it in your meals with the help of the information below.

Foods to prevent cold and flu

Six Foods That Help Prevent Colds and the Flu

With a total of over 200 viruses that contribute to colds, you may want to do what you can to avoid getting sick. One way to help prevent getting a cold is to make sure you get enough sleep. Avoiding stress helps too. Diet is also very important, which is why you may want to […]

Yoga at work

How to Stay Healthy in a 9-5 Office Job

Is your 9-5 office job taking a toll on your body? You may find yourself gaining weight, getting sick more often, or just feeling sluggish and fatigued throughout the day. While you may not be able to break out of the 9-5 world right now, there’s plenty you can do to maintain your health and […]

7 Expert Tips to Heal Chapped Lips

Dry, chapped lips are uncomfortable and, if left untreated, can lead to cracking and bleeding. Chapped lips are most common in the winter, though the condition can occur in any season. Here are some tips to help you heal the damage and address the root causes of lip chapping.  


The Best Ingredients for a Fat Burning Supplement

Whether you want to lose weight or get shredded, diet and nutrition are crucially important. However to get the process working much faster there are some ingredients can help. To push yourself past your current threshold into the glory of your goals, you need to utilize the power of a fat-burning supplement. The supplement industry […]

Tired man at wrok

Five Ways to Fight Daytime Fatigue

If you suffer from daytime drowsiness and low energy levels, you are far from alone.   At any given time, one out of five adults feels unusually tired.   One in ten suffers from long-term, persistent fatigue.   Sometimes the problem is linked to insomnia, but many people are exhausted in the daytime despite having […]

Sick man

Can I Work Out When I’m Sick?

You just started a new exercise program and haven’t missed a day. Maybe you’re three weeks into a marathon training program. Or perhaps you’ve been hitting the gym five times a week. Whatever the case, you’ve just come down with a bug and you’re wondering if it’s okay to lace up those shoes or head […]