Month: March 2015

Woman doing yoga

6 Easy Relaxation Techniques to Beat Stress

Your body and mind have their limitations and can only take so much abuse. Too much work can burn you out no matter how physically strong you are. Stress and frustration catches up with you when you work too much and relax too little.


Five Workout Tips for Better Weight Loss

If you are heading to the gym on a regular basis and getting a good workout, then you are already miles ahead of those who live a sedentary lifestyle. But if getting in great shape and losing weight is your primary objective, you may not be getting the best bang for your workout buck. These […]

Person measuring weight

Five Tips for Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

For many people, reaching an ideal weight is a hard-won feat that doesn’t end when the goal is met. Often, the toughest part of a weight program is the maintenance phase. Will you be able to ward off old cravings and keep from gaining the weight back? Weight maintenance isn’t just a dieter’s concern, either; […]

Sliced banana

Magnesium: The Wonder Mineral

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is essential to the human body. In fact, this mineral is used in over 300 functions and is primarily stored in the skeletal system. Without magnesium your body would not be able to survive. Magnesium is even used to keep the rhythm of your heart steady and strong. Although […]

Eggs with smiling faces

Myth: Eggs Are Bad for Your Heart

“Eggs are bad for your heart”. You’ve probably come across this line at some point – among your health-conscious friends, on your Facebook feed, or in the headline of a sensationalized diet article. As with most food myths, there’s a kernel of truth behind the idea.

Losing weight

Intermittent Fasting As an Effective Weight Loss Solution

As culinary artists continue to develop greater varieties of delicious food, those who struggle with weight gain and live their lives constantly dieting suffer as they feast their eyes on the forbidden. Thus, intermittent fasting diets have recently taken the world by storm. Under such a diet, you can eat what you want during predefined […]

Healthy girl spreading arms in sunset

5 Healthy Rituals to Enhance Your Life

You engage in countless rituals automatically. However, adding a new habit to your repertoire is not easy. You are comfortable with your established rituals and they would require alteration for you to accommodate fresh responses. People stick with their usual behaviors because habits provide consistency and comfort. Adding novel behaviors means changing, which, although awkward […]

personal serious injury

Avoiding Weight Gain During a Long-Term Injury

Severe personal injuries pose a significant risk that goes well beyond lost wages and future opportunities. When people experience a serious injury, their lifestyle and health habits are dramatically altered. As a result, people that are dealing with a long-term injury have to take measures to avoid clinical weight gain–specifically people whose injury prevents them […]