Month: May 2015


Nine Great Body Weight Exercises

No access to a gym? You might think that building muscle and getting a good workout without any heavy weights is impossible. In fact, exercises using only body weight are a good way to improve coordination, flexibility, and, of course, strength. Read on to discover the nine best body weight exercises — no machinery or […]

Man doing yoga

Yoga Benefits for Men

Men who believe yoga is too gentle a workout for them might want to rethink their macho attitudes. They might be surprised to discover the numerous benefits they can derive from practicing yoga. Life can only be improved by a mellow mind and a leaner, more limber body.

Woman having fat belly

Why Spot Reducing Fat Is Impossible

Many people yearn to lose fat from one specific part of their body. For example, you might wish you carried a fewer pounds in your midsection. Efforts to eliminate fat from an individual area are called “spot reduction.” While it would be nice if dropping the fat off specific body parts were possible, it is […]


The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Calories

Maintaining optimal health is a puzzle to many. Perhaps the biggest piece of that puzzle is proper nutrition. Unfortunately, the human body is incredibly complex and has yet to be fully understood by scientists, so how are you expected to know what is right and what is wrong if the most learned minds in the […]


Control Your Metabolism to Control Your Life

The metabolism is a chemical reaction that breaks down the foods that you ingest into its most basic compounds and absorbs the appropriate nutrients to provide the energy you require for everyday tasks and to maintain proper health. When eating the right foods, in the proper amounts, the body will metabolize your excess body fat […]

Need an Energy Boost? Stay Away from These Seven Unhealthy Snack Foods

A lull in energy in the middle of the day is common. If you don’t refuel your body, your productivity and focus will drop and you will become irritable and moody. However, reaching for any sort of food won’t do. Many popular energy-boosting snack foods are actually terrible for you, and should be avoided. Choose […]

Bottles of olive oil

Oil Up! The Healthy Reasons to Use Olive Oil

Olive oil was once best known for its savory taste and versatility, but recently its popularity has skyrocketed as more attention focuses on its many healthy attributes. From helping your heart to improving your skin, olive oil has been linked to a variety of health benefits. Studies have connected daily consumption of olive oil to […]