Month: July 2015

Cup of coffee

5 Energy-Boosting Ideas You Should Try Before Caffeine

Almost everyone struggles with lack a of energy at some point during their life. Sometimes you get less sleep than normal or have more on your plate than you’re used to. Before you make a large pot of strong coffee to get you through the day you should try these five energy-boosting ideas that will […]

Are You a Candidate for Telemedicine?

There’s a new way to see a licensed physician without long waits in a crowded waiting room and without having to schedule an appointment days ahead of time – telemedicine. Actually, telemedicine has been around for over 40 years. It began as a way for hospitals to provide care to patients in rural areas and […]

Women consulting a therapist

Finding the Perfect Therapist to Improve Your Mental Health

Millions of Americans are realizing the profound benefits therapy can have on their well-being. People seek therapy for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or even daily maintenance of a hectic modern life. Whether you’re feeling stagnant with your current counselor or considering entering therapy for the first time, here are some things to keep in mind […]

Five Tips That Will Help You Avoid A Hangover This Summer

Summer is the season of fun in the sun, but it can also be the season of the hangover. School and college are out, people  feel a little more irresponsible, and those long days in the sun can lead to long nights in the bar. It is always best to imbibe in moderation, but you […]

Acne Scars

How to Reduce the Appearance of Acne Scars

Having acne scars can feel like double punishment. Not only were you forced to endure years of painful, embarrassing acne, you now have a permanent reminder of it, via a series of dark, pitted recesses in your skin. And even though acne scars have the potential to last a lifetime, there are some simple steps […]

Healthy snacks

How to Snack and Still be Healthy

Some people can get through the day without snacking. Eating three healthy and nutritious meals, and avoiding eating between them, is often the best option. People adopting a healthier lifestyle  to lose weight are often advised to cut out snacks from their diet altogether. But is that really good advice? Not necessarily. The Dietary Guidelines […]

Man with a headache waking up

Too Much Sleep May be Just as Unhealthy as Too Little Sleep

Whether you’re a big-time Hollywood actor, a sought-after cosmopolitan supermodel, or an average Joe trying to make ends meet, getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to your ability to function properly. However, many Americans are astounded to hear from their doctors that they may, in fact, be getting too much sleep. And although […]


Forget Lots of Hours at the Gym

Whether you want to show off in a bikini or set a great example for your kids, exercise is a crucial component for health. Although this is a given considering past decades of scientific research on weight loss and physiology, not everyone understands just how much time in the gym is essential. You might not […]

Mosquitoes: How to Stop These Bloodsucking Invaders from Breeding and Biting

Summer is here  and with it the anticipation of outdoor activities.   There are a few downsides to the season, however, and one of them is biting insects, especially mosquitoes.  Plan to ensure these pesky insects don’t put a damper on your summer fun.


Cardio Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss

Cardiovascular exercise is critical for good health, improving heart and lung functions over time. You have your choice of steady-state cardio (aerobic exercise where you maintain the same intensity through your workout session) or varied-state cardio (aerobic exercise where you allow your intensity to shift up or down through your workout session). Most fitness gurus […]