Month: August 2015

Couple sleeping

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Your mother says you must get eight hours of sleep every night for good health. Margaret Thatcher famously ran the United Kingdom on four hours’ sleep each night. And your boss is like a bear with a sore head if he gets less than ten. So how much sleep do you really need?

Functional training

How Functional Training Can Improve Fitness

Functional training is all about exercises that use body movements from everyday activities. Movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, or bending are used during functional training. Normal gait patterns like walking and running are also included in some functional exercise routines. There are lots of reasons to include functional training in your fitness routine, […]

Two elderly ladies laughing

Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

Psychologists extol the virtues of positive thinking for good reason. It is indeed healthy to feel optimistic about your life and future. Read on to know why and learn about the many health benefits of positive thinking.  

Eating Disorders and Anxiety-Diagnosis and Treatment

Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent, particularly in younger age groups. At one point, eating disorders were diagnosed mostly in girls aged 13 to 17 years old. Now they are showing up in those aged 9 to 12 years old.   The media and society, in general, glamorize women who are thin. Young girls are […]

Stressed woman

Developing a Healthy Perspective On Stress

Stress, loosely defined as the brain’s response to any demand, is normal and short-lived. Attributable to anything from being late for work to having to complete a paper that’s due the next day, stress only becomes a serious problem when it reaches a level that is no longer manageable. Prolonged mental stress can have a […]

Girl wearing Sunglasses

Choosing the Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fun and stylish accessory. With the many styles and designer brands available, they can make quite a fashion statement too.  When buying sunglasses, we tend to focus mainly on what makes us look good and forget that they serve an important purpose, keeping our eyes healthy.

Girls doing fitness exercise

Benefits of Personal Training

Did you know that personal training can be one of the best ways to improve workout motivation? Many people feel daunted by the idea of joining a gym and then not having any idea where to begin. Yet a personal trainer can help you design a fitness program that will help you achieve your goals. […]

A sleepy woman

Tips to Get Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation has a negative impact mental acuity, mood, and physical health. Symptoms of fatigue, moodiness, and unhealthy food cravings can often be resolved simply by getting enough sleep. However, with busy schedules and tons of stimulation, getting enough sleep can be a challenge. Here are five easy-to-follow tips to get you on the right […]

A happy and healthy girl

Commit to and Enjoy Exercise

Some people find a natural joy in exercising, but most find it to be a tedious chore. That’s particularly true if you’re one of the many individuals who don’t want to invest in expensive gym membership, leading you to find yourself thinly dressed with a cold wind blowing over you as you prepare for an […]

woman lifting weight in gym

6 Reasons Females Should Lift Weights

It is a well-known fact that, particularly as we get older, it is vital to keep body fat down and muscle mass at a healthy proportion. Cardio training alone is a good workout for overall cardiovascular health and fitness, but to see even more wide-ranging health benefits you need to seriously consider adding strength training […]