Month: January 2016

A woman working with her mother-in-law

Cut In-Law Tensions with 3 Conversation Tips

Your mother-in-law plays such an important role in your life. You can cut the tension in your relationship by inviting her into your kitchen and taking up any of these three conversations!  

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Cracking the Code to Weight Loss

It isn’t easy to make your way through the constant stream of diet plans and advertising, and there are many who use the fear of obesity to make a profit. However, it is possible to find something that works. The key to losing that weight and making sure it doesn’t come back is to be […]

smell fruit for weight loss

3 Crazy But Scientifically Proven Ways To Lose Weight

There are as many weight loss methods as there are people, it seems. Countless articles cover exercise and diet, and it’s a hot topic with friends and family members in most cultures. Science has made rapid advancements in recent years, and several previously unknown ways to lose weight have emerged. Read on for some simple, […]

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The Mind Is The Key To Unlock A Bride Fit Body

A Bride Fit Body is strong and healthy and a Bride Fit Mind is filled with positive thoughts and visions of goals being achieved.   Most Brides want to get in the best shape of their lives and feel Fit & Fabulous on the BIG DAY!     I want to give you 5 tips […]

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5 Foods with a Bad Reputation….

That are actually good for you… Which foods are bad and which ones are good, and how do you decide which when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Some foods have gained a bad reputation over the years due to wrong or outdated research. Others simply seem too tasty and addictive to also be healthy. Here […]

A girl giving gift to her fiance

Do You Speak Your Fiancé’s Language?

You may be thinking this is a silly question, but I’m not talking about languages like English, French or Spanish.   I’m referring to Love Languages.   You heard me right!   There is five Love Languages according to Dr. Gary Chapman the author of The 5 Love Languages:   The Secret to Love That […]

Calorie Deficit Report

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A Closer Look at Ketogenic Diets for Weight Loss

Obesity and weight problems have become a very common issue in modern society. Many health experts have come up with their own programs and ideas to help people lose weight effectively. Every program has its own effectiveness rate and characteristics, so trying all of them can have a negative impact on your weight loss efforts. […]

How Rushed Bride Syndrome Can Sabotage Your Fat Release

Most brides want to be wedding dress ready and look fit & fabulous on the Big Day!   Even with a regular exercise plan and compliance to a solid nutritional program, your attempt to getting in the best shape of your life can be derailed.     You may have “Rushed Bride Syndrome” which will […]

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4 Quick Kitchen Tips that Will Wow Even Your MIL

Getting ready for that big day is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are not only happy to begin your life as a married couple but you are being showered with love, happiness, and gifts as your friends and family come around you to celebrate.