Month: December 2016

6 Ways to Alleviate Joint Pain and Stiffness Caused by Winter

When the hot days of summer are upon us we are wishing for those cold days of winter. Then when winter arrives, we feel the cold, not just literally but in our joints. The cold weather can lock up or joints and make waking up on a daily basis a task. When that hits us, […]

Finally: Anyone Can Get Their Official FICO Credit Score For Free

Discover announced the launch of, a website where anyone(no matter their credit card provider) can obtain their official FICO credit score (not just VantageScore) for free. Making an account takes a few minutes. The website provides a score, information on what is helping and hurting the score, and educational resources. The FICO (Fair Issac […]

What You Need to get BRIDE FIT for the New Year

Here we are in the final stretch of the holiday season!   It’s so exciting to see all the engagement announcements on social media!   The statistics show 33 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.   As a ‘bride to be’ you have extra motivation to stay committed to New Year’s […]

12 Words That Will Change Your Life & Business Forever

You see, I have decided that I want to live an authentic life.  I am tired of living in such a way where I feel like I always need to be concerned about what others think about me.  I no longer want to not be worried about impressing people or constantly having to prove my […]

Sick of Having a Bloated Belly? Read This.

Culinary Therapy gives a concise and easy-to-understand guide on stomach bloat and the top three ways they use again and again to reduce or eliminate it. Do you suffer from bloat, stomach pain, or any other related side effects? Learn both mental and physical tricks to assist with digestion and the best ways to prepare […]

Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis May Be Possible with New Imaging Compound

Scientists are hoping they have found a new technique to discover those destined to get Alzheimer’s before physical symptoms are noticeable.   Research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has developed a chemical compound, Fluselenamyl that can detect amyloid clumps better than current methods.   Using this compound and PET brain scans […]

Diagnosis and Treatment Options for COPD

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) includes emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. To determine if one has COPD, several tests can be performed. A doctor will test to determine How much air one can intake and exhale, how fast the air can be exhaled from the lungs and how much carbon dioxide is in the blood. Some […]

The Dangers of Being Over-Confident in Recovery

Eating disorders can be very difficult to overcome. This article describes the story of Katrin and the difficulties than can be arise when someone with an eating disorder becomes complacent about recovery. While it may seem on the surface that the eating disorder itself is under control, overconfidence and complacency can lead to ignorance towards […]

Businesswoman with her baby

The 5 Stages of (Sleep) Loss

Having a baby means losing something important–sleep. Life grief, the mother goes through five stages of loss with sleep. At first, she is in denial and does not believe it will be that bad. Then after the baby arrives, she recognizes that sleep is a thing of the past and enters the anger stage. In […]

Tricks for Travelers Constipation

Human body’s are quirky, and more importantly, sensitive. Changes in environment, such as altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, or internal changes, activated by stress, all these things impact the marvelous mechanism, known as the human body. Stomachs, in particular, are highly reactive. In fact, gut reactions are no joke, particularly when they involve traveler’s constipation. Traveling […]