Month: March 2017

Workouts That Get You Wedding Dress & Honeymoon Bathing Suit Ready and Looking Good Naked

Brides want to look and feel ‘fit & fabulous’ for their big day including toned arms, glowing skin, and a confident posture showcasing a strong & sexy back.   As I’ve mentioned countless times in previous blogs, there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula to getting Bride Fit, but there are workouts that will […]

Terminally Ill Obese People Less Likely to Get Hospice Care

An increasing segment of the population is obese. It has become a health epidemic. Unfortunately, not only does obesity lead to a lower life expectancy, 72 compared to 82 years, but being obese could also affect end of life care. According to new research obese people are more likely to spend the final stages of […]

Bilingual Brains are More Resilient to Dementia Cause by Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex disease with many unanswered questions. New research is showing a link however to those with bilingual language abilities being more resilient to the dementia effects cause by Alzheimer’s disease. This new study shows that those fluent in more than one language are somewhat more protected from dementia. As more people […]

The Power Of Living In The Moment

Matthew 6:25 says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life.” We lose sleep over so many things: our money, retirement, our kids, our jobs.  But when we focus so much energy and attention on what may or may not happen in the future, we lose focus on where we […]

Get Relief From Chronic Pains

Many people have to deal with chronic pain. Some common causes can be weight or stress. Many people do not know that eating certain foods can actually cause or worsen chronic pain. Some people have seen a reduction in their chronic pain by eliminating inflammatory foods from their diet. It is recommended that those trying […]

The Best Time of Day to Exercise for Quality Zzz’s

It’s not surprising that a good workout can help aide individuals to sleep better. It takes a little more work to understand when the best time to do this workout may be. One thing that makes sleep a restorative for many is the natural drop of blood pressure that normally coincides with good sleep patterns. […]

Food Blog: Eat Flowers!

Edible flowers for springI’ve never been a gardener that is until recently. Even so, my husband has the expert green thumb in our family. I am what you would call a novice. I’m still learning. I love getting my hands in the dirt in our yard–actually I usually wear gloves– but I do love moving […]

A man with eating disorder is eating noodles

Connection Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bulimia

Body systems are interdependent and disease states do not occur in a vacuum. So, it’s rational to assume, that one condition can help create, spur on, minimize, or maximize, another condition, which does in fact happen. This certainly can be the case with mental diseases. Boderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, was once referred to as […]

10 More Great Sites To Find Gigs And Part-Time Work

Looking for freelance work? Looking for a part time gig, or somewhere to sell your skill set? Forbes new and updated article will help you out! It’s time to get selling! It’s hard out there. Everyone seems to be looking to pick up a little something on the side, and if you can, why not […]

What are Macro and Micro-Nutrients?

Our bodies do an amazing job of taking what we put into it and making the most of it. Unfortunately not everyone does their very best in terms of choosing what to eat. Our food is our fuel, so by understanding the ins and outs of what drives us, we can do a better job […]