Month: May 2017

Essential Oils 101

Steam distillation is the most common of all oil extraction methods.   This processes allows oils to be extracted from very delicate flowers and plant materials.   During this process it is critical to control temperature and pressure to avoid burning the oils during distillation.   A water bath is placed over a heat source, […]

How To Be Your Own Health Advocate With PCOS

Many health professionals are overwhelmed with patients, diagnosing and treating conditions, and tending to everyone who needs help. So often we rely on doctors and other health practitioners to be and do everything in regards to our conditions and personal health situations. In order to achieve true optimal health, personal responsibility is critical for your […]

Benefits of Nuts for Stroke Prevention

Dr. Gregor conducted a study on three groups of patients that were at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack to see if diet changes can prevent illness. There was a control group that kept their original diet and two groups that used the Mediterranean diet – one group was given 4 tablespoons […]

Take A Peek Inside Your Bedroom

When we think of the best ways to get sleep we never really think of how all five senses should be considered. This article breaks down how each of the five senses can improve someones sleep. Your touch sense can be used to determine the temperature because no one can sleep when its too cold […]

Why Practicing Gratitude Matters, Even When Everything Is Awful

Scientists have recommended that people actively try to be grateful. They have found that gratitude has actual positive physical benefits. Gratitude has been shown to lower blood pressure, prolong life, and help people to sleep better. Acting grateful helps the person to maintain stability during hard times, and to avoid a negative cycle of despair. […]

7 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Three Women Blinded in Unproven Stem Cell Treatment

Medical trials involving stem cells, specifically those asking for money can be dangerous. The New England Journal of Medicine will be publishing an article about a trial that was done in Florida that left 3 subjects blinded. The article is an attempt to make regulatory agencies, doctors and patients aware of the dangers of patient […]

What to Expect If Your Eardrum Ruptures

Additional Testing There are some tests that can be used to positively diagnose an eardrum rupture should you require additional examination. Tympanogram — A medical apparatus is inserted in your ear canal and measures responsiveness of your eardrum to air pressure. Short bursts of air will be blown against the eardrum and the medical professional […]

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Bomb Detecting Technology Can Be Used for Early Dementia Diagnosis

An unusual cross application of the technology that allows explosives experts to detect improvised explosive devises is aiding medical professionals in their work as well. A technique developed in Australia, originally used light intensity to check for and detect the presence of residues used in explosives. The same light concentrating technique is now being used […]