Month: September 2017

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Parents Often Make Follow-Up Care Mistakes After Kids Leave Hospital

When kids that are ill leave the hospital, many times their parents do not understand what care is required for ongoing patient care and they often do not know how to give medication at home. For physicians and healthcare workers, it is important to give instructions that are correct and understandable, to prevent prolonging illnesses […]

Religiosity Does Not Increase the Risk of Anorexia Nervosa

Religiosity is the connection between religious fasting practices as a form of religious duty or loyalty. This practice of abstaining from foods or liquids for a set time period lasting for hours, days, weeks including a fast to death from nutritional abstinence for the religious cause. According to asociate professor Anna Keski-Rahkonen at the University […]

No Lie: These Vitamins Will Make Your Metabolism Skyrocket

All of our young lives we hear that vitamins are important. And to a great extent this has been proven true. Vitamins can help metabolize all the nutrients and keep them within your body, helping your body immensely. However, diet is very important. Eating all the wrong foods and taking vitamins will not erase the […]

Simulation Shows the High Cost of Dementia, Especially for Families

The cost of Dementia can be a huge strain on a family or individual. The cost for health care in this matter can change from year to year. Because of this, there is constant data being researched to provide an estimate of what the cost for care would be for an individual suffering from dementia, […]

The 30 Best Fat-Burning Foods

The main proponent in either gaining or losing weight is the kind of diet you have. Little do people know, the kind of food that you put into your body reflects, almost identically, to the kind of outward appearance that your body has. Some of the foods listed that help you on your road to […]

Monitoring Oxygen Levels Could Help with Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Babies with sleep apnea, which may be indicated by severe habitual snoring, are often not diagnosed or treated. Using a thorough test for blood oxygen levels is the most effective way to identify those infants who would benefit from treatment. Because traditional techniques for diagnosing infant sleep apnea can be very expensive and may not […]

Directionally Fitness And The Totally Fit Life

YOUR PRIMARY THOUGHT — The Tip of the Spear When people hear the word fitness they immediately think of physical fitness or exercise, which is a normal response. But in the world of the Totally Fit Life, physical fitness is only a part of the overall system, there are other key components that must be […]

Your Yoga Mat Could Be Messing With Your Fertility

Some people might be concerned to realize that their yoga mat could be messing with their fertility. There are not many negative things that come from Yoga. It is a highly beneficial practice that many people do every day of their lives. But, it has been discovered that there is a hidden danger for people […]

Stress – A Strain on Your Eyesight

If you’re suffering from Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the best thing you can do for yourself may be to relax and de-stress. Recent studies conducted by the Ohio State University Department of Ophthalmology suggest that stress may be a contributing factor to worsening vision in patients with AMD. The study used a scale, called the […]

Why You Need Plenty of Potassium

It is important for our bodies to receive all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins in order to stay healthy and strong, especially as we age. Potassium is easily overlooked and many people do not get as much Potassium as they need for their bodies to stay strong. The recommended daily dose of Potassium is […]