Month: December 2017

Does Whey Protein Cause Acne? The Correlation Between Breakouts and Protein Shakes

Anyone who’s suffered from embarrassing acne breakouts is looking for a cause. Something to blame, something to change, something to do differently to make the blemishes go away and not come back. We pour time and money into medicines, treatments, skin care products, and food habits in the pursuit of clear skin. Dermatologists think about […]

Pregnant couple

Hope or Hype? The Chilling Truth About Freezing Your Eggs

While the cryogenic freezing of egg cells for women has increased many families’ chances of conceiving, there are still a lot of hang-ups with the technology. Since 2014, the popularty of freezing one’s eggs for later fertilization has increased by three times. This has been a boon to women who wish to shave some time […]

How to Maximize Nutrient Absorption

Eating a healthy diet is important in preventing the impacts of other behaviors that might not be the most healthy for you. Many people struggle to eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, especially green vegetables that are part of any healthy diet. Some medical experts encourage blending and processing such green vegetables to […]

Unable to Sleep? Eleven Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Dozing Off

Insomnia doesn’t have to be a chronic condition; it can strike at any time. Usually when we can least afford to be tired and unrested the following day. Absent resorting to medication, either over the counter or via doctor’s prescription, there are a few natural tips and techniques that could help you drop off into […]

4 Common Misconception about Binge Eating Disorder

Most everyone on occasion eats to excess, and we can refer to this as binge eating.   “I ate the whole…..fill in the blank.   (Box of cookies, bag of chips, carton of ice cream.   But this is not what Binge Eating Disorder is.   Binge Eating Disorder is when there is a loss […]

An Alzheimer’s Treatment Would Tax the US Health Care System

While current research into Alzheimer’s has been frustratingly slow, there is some new research that shows tentative positive progress. Some of these new treatments might be ready for broader use as soon as 2020. Herein lays the problem, as soon a solution is found the US does not have the personnel in the right places […]

How Can Groups Make Good Decisions? | Mariano Sigman and Dan Ariely

All communities, sooner or later, have to make collective decisions that will impact everyone. These decisions usually have far reaching effects on everyone, so they’re some sort of a group decision. But groups don’t always make good decisions. Louder or more forceful voices can carry the day over more reasoned or logical ones. Those with […]

The Totally Fit Life Uses the Glycemic Index of Food

The Totally Fit Life uses the Glycemic Index of food is a ranking of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Carbohydrate foods that breakdown quickly during digestion have the highest glycemic indexes. Their blood sugar response is fast and high. Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the […]

What An Ultrasound Does (And Doesn’t) Tell You About Ovarian Cysts

Most women receive ultrasounds on a regular basis, as a key part of their routine medical care. The hope with any ultrasound is that it doesn’t reveal anything unexpected–outside of, perhaps, a surprise but joyous pregnancy! Every now and then, though, an ultrasound will pick up on something–something like ovarian cysts. But what is the […]

These Simple Health Habits Are Better Than Any Diet

A common maxim when it comes to eating is to exercise, and exercise moderation. That’s hard for a lot of people, so they prefer more direct, but also simpler, outlines of advice such as a specific diet. Which leads to diet crazes, because the fad food suggestions are easier to embrace when it just says […]